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@GN, I didn't even use the word sexualized. This isn't what I was arguing against. I was arguing that this helps normalize a hurtful form of pornography, not for blacklisting all porn. I'm so sorry for what happened to you - I really truly am. I hate how prevalent these crimes are in real life, and how nearly all perpetrators of this never see jail time. But not everybody can laugh things off, and that's why this stuff needs to be stopped and spoken out against. You may be able to laugh this off, or find humor in this yourself, but it could really trigger somebody else and mess up their mental state. Why help that happen? @Tech: Nope, try again. I said I was upset with the normalization of tentacle rape porn, and called IT rape porn, tentacles or no. You are the one who turned to hyperbole, saying "...this makes them decide to grow a bunch of tentacles and rape someone", while I never said anything remotely like this. I said that this normalization leads to harmful social practices, like victim blaming. LittleBirdy (who is an awesome person, thank you!) provided some great links about why this is harmful, if you every feeling like gaining more education on this topic. I have sympathy for real people to. That is why I speak out about this. I know I have friends who find jokes about this stuff hurtful - they have told me so themselves, and have thanked me for having such strong feeling on the matter. If I can make them, or anybody who this has upset, feel better to know somebody understands and is on their side, I've done good.
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This lady sounds crazy. I hate when people don't want a solution, they just want to throw a fit. Sorry she was taking her issues out on you! One note though, this story only mentions the manager being told of the allergy, to confirm there was no peppers in the dish she wanted to order. This is the only mistake you made - you needed to tell the kitchen about the allergy! You don't know if a vegetable designated cutting board that had peppers on it would be used in her meal prep, for one example of how cross contamination could happen. You need to alert your kitchen staff immediately, if they had known, they wouldn't have given the side dish peppers.
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Mar 1, 2015