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In comparison to other Li–S batteries, the team found that their novel membrane significantly improved the cell’s storage ability, retaining 98.5% of its capacity after 40 hours. This sounds poor to me. 40 weeks would be better and possibly around normal storage loss.
The hardest part of 100% renewable energy is the last 20%. I see the cost of batteries coming down to help that part out. Hoping for the best where it is the hardest.
With my 2012 Mitsubishi imiev, this doesn't affect me at the moment. My next car I hope to get a Chevy Bolt. I don't care for the Tesla 3 trunk and need an open hatch back style. The 60 kwhr of batteries will be more than a welcome change.
I have a history with Engineer Poet also. It was in the conversation of nuclear power. Doesn't know me, but attacked my person as though he is completely right. Claimed I am ignorant about nuclear powers. I have argued against nuclear power for yyears and am very knowledgeable in my arguments. Discussion is needed, but aggression is not. Add to the discussion by giving us something good to take away from here. Underlying anger adds nothing to our day in which we all gain from this interaction.
It is silly to burn gas at all. Leap frog over gas and get the job done right. This also puts demand on for more clean energy.
This gives me hope for better batteries. Is there a possibility that this makes it to the open market or will it die somewhere along the way and not be useful.
The Model 3 which uses cylindricals is only rated for 100-130,000 miles anyway, so who the heck is going to want to have that reduced? Posted by: Davemart | 18 February 2018 at 01:17 AM Its more than that. I have read articles showing about 300,000 miles with only 20% loss of capacity.
When adding more components to the 18650 battery, then you give up space for the energy density, cutting down capacity per unit volume.
Burning coal is futile for the future of earth. Stop this nonsense.
@Peter XX A recent paper in the scientific journal shows that PN emissions from the tailpipe of a diesel car is ~50% lower than in ambient air. This is basically an impossibility. Particulates are just a basic part of burning fossil fuels. We can only hope for less rather than the air is cleaned up. Really a strange statement to make. I plugged in your line to google and did not find any such paper. 2 MW × 365 days × 24 hours × 25% = 4,380 MWh = 4,380,000 kWh Assumption of what a wind turbine will produce in a year. 4 million gwhr of electrical consumption per year 1 wind turbine produces 4 gwhr per year I million wind turbines would about match our electrical consumption. Which is on average 20,000 turbines per state. Wind is expected to beat natural gas in price soon. Its the inevitable source to go to along with solar.
Trump is going to get the jump on everyone with a coal powered steam car, it's going to shake things up bigly. Posted by: William Stockwell | October 13, 2017 at 08:13 PM I actually thought you were joking in that was such a backwards look at things.
These charging facilities will take close to 60 minutes to fully charge a TESLA Model S-100. They are NOT quick charge facilities (yet). Better faster facilities are required. ################################ The faster you charge the shorter the battery life. What trade off would you have?
They aren't really revealing much about the battery. Looks hush hush.
The performance looks great, the energy content to make this looks a little high with the higher temperatures. Possibly this gets worked out if it makes it to market.
Engineer-Poet, Nuclear isn't needed and really shouldn't be used. A clean, safe, healthier, world with energy security in every country.
For example, the Model 3 can be ordered for 35k USD with 55kwh available for 220 miles range but since it has a 75kwh battery it can always be upgraded to that pack size by a software purchase. I have never hear of battery capacity increase with software upgrade. How can software increase the capacity of the battery bank? This is the same guy that invented the lithium ion battery is now patented his version of the solid state battery. It looks like its coming out to me.
And we have Donald J Trump in which we will fall further behind on automotive technology.
Not quite ready to get out of the lab?
Gorr An unregulated market only acts out of its self interest. Someone must come in and set rules for good common behaviour. Other it is Katy bar the door and the environment be damned. The government helps the market to achieve the next step of the market resolving a serious issue like, GLOBAL WARMING.
Soooooo by next century we may just get a commercial fusion reactor?
Renewable energy is coming down in price and fossil fuels are increasing in price.New wind now beats new coal plants. We are now at the break even point in price comparison. It will be interesting to see what happens next decade when renewables shift downwards even more.
Drive electric and this whole issue goes away. Buy renewable energy and a great deal of ozone pollution, global warming solutions are taken care. Easy.
I don't see specs on the number of cycles it can run with minimal degradation.