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I missed webinar, was it recorded and if so do you a link to it?
I think a lot is driven by ReSharper which default settings is to use var where ever possible.
Thanks and sorry but angle brackets do not show up in comments missing T in some places for a generic class
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2015 on Simple drawable overrule skeleton at AutoCAD DevBlog
This is what I use. public abstract class DrawableOverrule : DrawableOverrule where T : Entity { private readonly RXClass _targetClass = RXObject.GetClass(typeof(T)); OverruleStatus _status = OverruleStatus.Off; public OverruleStatus Status { get { return _status; } set { if (value == OverruleStatus.On && _status == OverruleStatus.Off) { AddOverrule(_targetClass, this, true); _status = OverruleStatus.On; } else if (value == OverruleStatus.Off && _status == OverruleStatus.On) { RemoveOverrule(_targetClass, this); _status = OverruleStatus.Off; } } } protected DrawableOverrule(OverruleStatus status = OverruleStatus.On) { Status = status; } } public enum OverruleStatus { Off= 0, On = 1 }
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2015 on Simple drawable overrule skeleton at AutoCAD DevBlog
I have some concerns. Many customers as myself also store their "grown-up" magazines under the mattress. Does Autodesk guarantee they will not damage magazines or will replace if damaged?
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2015 on New product announcement at Cloud and Mobile
Out of curiosity have you tested aborting transactions on side database with Database constructor nodocument set to True as in this example? Was wondering if performance hits from aborting transaction were from an abort doing graphic flush for each object in undo file, and thought maybe you would not have same performance issue with examples above since a document is required for using the UNDO mechanism.
Hey Siderinnet1, The little testing I did I never saw a gain using open method unless opening a small amount of objects, but as you mentioned the time is so small it is negabile. Its great to see you confirm this. Also if you create a local variable for TransactionManager in TransactionOrOpenDirect2 and then in both methods use TransactionManager.GetObject() it should speed it up even more. Thanks again for this blog and all the great information.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2014 on Autodesk announces microSuites at AutoCAD DevBlog
Don't be sorry, It made it even funnier to me that I fell for it.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2014 on Autodesk announces microSuites at AutoCAD DevBlog
About a year ago I posted a link to article you posted here . Not going to look like a idiot again.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2014 on Autodesk announces microSuites at AutoCAD DevBlog
Got a bunch for starters create layer filter with same properties in picture Click Ok and BANG!
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2014 on Crashing AutoCAD using .NET at Through the Interface
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Yes but I feel it leaves out some of the more important decisions on which one to use. A switch statement must use Same expression in every condition, equality is tested, and compared with a constant. If statements are needed if nonconstant values are compared. Typically switch statement expression are side effect free, so how many times have you evaluated a expression then looped 10,000,000 times to compare against constants? For a switch statement order does not matter and a if statement is needed for ordering. You can spend time looking at internals of each and IL produced, but I like SpiderInNet1 view as I understand it, to use which one makes code more readable and let the nerds worry about a few nanoseconds and if a application requires comparisons 10,000,000 times then take a closer look.
I know a little late but if wanting to know what is visible for a BlockReference iterate its Blocktablerecord and check each entities IsVisible property.
Hi SpiderinNet1, Tried new install and it did not match what I thought I had installed because your add-in made me realize that I guess 2014 suite comes with Raster Design, because I checked and its there. So far as I can tell your add-in is knows more than I do of what I have installed. Also do you have a donation link or anything similar? Wish Autodesk took the same attitude toward customer support as you do.
I have not messed with developing for 2014 and have 2014 design suite(which ever one you have to get to include Revit). I un-installed add-in and downloaded it again to make sure I had the latest and noticed it only found 2013, including ACA 2013, & MEP 2013. I remember noticing that installing the products through design suite install vs installing them separately with their individual installers creates a different folder structure where it places installation files.. Not sure how you check registry, or files, but if you need to me to provide values for registry keys or info on locations would be no problem.
Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for nice explanation.
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2013 on Undo recording and transactions at AutoCAD DevBlog
Great!! Hopefully you guys are finally convincing them to throw some more resources into documentation.
Hey Siperinnet1, Just looked at it quickly in reflector and looks like the Document TransactionManager just inherits the Database TransactionManager and just adds the functionality to flush graphics. Also use a Apptranction that overrides Commit that just calls FlushGraphics after using Transaction functionality.
Sorry Fenton, I see where my question was confusing and seems I talking about the Autoloader. I meant for the installer to handle that and no reason to check as just wait for it to return after copying files then rename. It was mainly out of curiosity if AutoCAD would ignore a folder if it did not end with .bundle. Have not run into any problems and last thing we need is me writing enough crap code that takes that long to install. Thanks
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on Autodesk Autoloader White Paper at AutoCAD DevBlog
Hi Fenton, You mentioned if install was too large and would take longer than 6 seconds then should use a different method. Out of curiosity for large install would installing the contents to folder called xxx.bund and during install checking every second or so if the folder size has increased and if not renaming xxx.bund to xxx.bundle work?
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2013 on Autodesk Autoloader White Paper at AutoCAD DevBlog
Awesome, The DocumentCollection works for me also but mentioned it because If you select the DocumentCollection item --The initial Dialog pops up --Click Next --Then dialog pops up with the list of checkboxs for selecting events --Click Cancel --Dialog pops up with "Object not set to a reference" I tried the Application Item next and that is when I noticed the error. So just mentioned the DocumentCollection item if somehow steps above changed some state that caused the Application item error.
Thanks, That what i basiclly do I click on link the file menu and Review revisions and look at date.