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Brian - enjoy your blog. On PowerPivot, having used it for over 9+ months, the tool is a lot more powerful than anything you can do with Access. You can easily import many large data sets (hundreds of millions rows of data) from a wide variety of data sources: oracle, sql server, teradata, .txt files, excel spreadsheets, etc. You can easily create data "mash-ups" that would normally take IT weeks to complete, in minutes/hours. The key component of PowerPivot is its ability to store the cube "in-memory" for very fast analysis. In addition, PowerPivot can compress data at a factor of 50 to 1. Informative dashboards can be created using the existing PivotTable functionality, and calcultions (called measures) can be created using PowerPivot new "DAX" language, using built-in time intelligence, such as MTD, YTD, and period over period analysis. Sharing the analysis takes a click of the button to share to the corporate intranet via SharePoint 2010.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2010 on Analysis on the Cheap at CPA Technology Blog
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Aug 8, 2010