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Jeff Huff-$650.00, be good incentive to start training again.
Great job Freddy, and all the volunteers. Totally impressed with the outcome and the finish rate. Runners, congratulations to all who saw it in themselves to trust Freddy, HURT, and the volunteers to carry on what Gordon, Larry, and Rob had labored so for over the years. Runners, you all owned the day. Phenomenal feat (feet), phenomenal event. Next year will only get better. Thank you for the trust. Aloha, Huff
Rob, Great sentiments. Your words are succint, " Be Safe". Bottom line is , Gordon Lau, Larry Inouye , and yourself have created and carried this race over the years, with much laborious effort and detail with safety as the prime concern. It has become an incredible event; it is our hope that we can continue the strong tradition you have all worked so hard to build. First and foremost, we hope to take care of our (your) runner's as you have all done in the past. Many thanks to yourself, Larry and Gordon for the brainchild of this event and your willingness to allow us to assume the responsibility of continuing with your exemplary efforts. With much Aloha, Huff
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2016 on Peacock Challenge Final Update at HURT Hawaii
Ernest, Great job. I can't for the life of me understand how you got through that with one good leg. Mark my words if I ever get into this event again I will never complain about my maladies. I'm deeply moved by your willingness to get to the finish line. Welcome to the WS 100 mile finish club. Huff
Marian, Great story, great determination, and great effort. You are to be commended. I am extremely proud of your execution.... heck I would have dropped early on with the neuroma issue. You have made us all so proud of your effort. WS, as we all may not be the most difficult 100, but we all know it is the most important and you performed nearly flawlessly, for that you should be proud. I'm in awe of your determination and effort. Job well done. Much aloha, Huff
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2009 on Western States Race Report at HURT Hawaii
Great run Rex! A virgin no more. Congrats on a fine performance. As the stories that yourself, Murphy and Judy tell this 100 mile thing is a blast if we can spend that time with folks we enjoy being on the trail with. As we all know it is about the journey; from the training to the event itself, it is us who choose the outcome.... We can run fast and furious, or we can share experiences with those that we care about. You had two great companions on the trail, cherish it and carry it forward. Their are runners that will now rely upon your experiences. Much aloha and kudos to the three of you. To Murphy all I can offer is "Plain one day, you and me, I would be honored". Aloha, Huff