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Online Roulette Strategies: Do they work? The timeless game of roulette can be found at all the important land-based and online establishments. The European and American versions are the most popular, but there are plenty of games inspired by the classic, with the rules slightly tweaked. Regardless of the game... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2023 at GeekWeek
When director Eamon O’Rourke is on set, he admits it’s serious business. But when the shoot is over, it’s all fun and games for the laid-back filmmaker. O’Rourke is the dynamo behind Asking for It. The film was part of the Tribeca Festival and scored a prestigious ReFrame Stamp for... Continue reading
Posted Dec 28, 2022 at GeekWeek
Gamblers who frequent online casinos rely on them to pay winners on time and in full. This is the social contract that keeps the Internet gambling industry going and explains its surging popularity in recent years. The vast majority of casinos uphold their end of the deal and lucky players... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2022 at GeekWeek
Since appearing on screens in 2013, Rick and Morty has become one of the biggest animated shows on television. Audiences absolutely adored the absurd storylines featuring the grandpa and grandson duo of Rick and Morty. One is a crazy genius filled with flaws and the other is a nerdy pre-teen... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2022 at GeekWeek
A single layer of life is thriving on the planet Earth's surface, from microorganisms to trees and intelligent beings. This is currently the only scientifically proven form of life in the whole universe. Thinking beyond the light in the dark sky has motivated humans to wonder about the presence of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2022 at GeekWeek
The scope of cinema is constantly changing and no single genre can remain on top for long. For the past 15 years, superhero films have dominated mainstream cinema. It arguably started with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man in 2008 which started off the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From this moment on, audiences... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2022 at GeekWeek
There have been thousands and thousands of studies about music, concerning everything from its history to the relationship between the musical genres we prefer and our intelligence. Some of such studies also take into account how casinos use music to affect the behavior of their customers. Gaming expert Anna Rosak... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2022 at GeekWeek
Music is a core element of parties, and doing this step wrong can ruin your fun and even make you a host of a boring party. The era of new music releases and music streaming has made setting a mood for music at parties easier. You can connect your phone... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2022 at GeekWeek
The wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new uses for student data to support online learning methods and institutional decision-making. However, these technological advancements and heightened utilization of student data on campuses have exposed young users to online predators--with over 89% of websites collecting personal information from children, according... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2022 at GeekWeek
Skydance Animation, the studio responsible for films like The Adam Project and Top Gun: Maverick, recently announced a multi-year licensing deal with the team at Spin Master, an entertainment company known for its work on properties such as PAW Patrol. Two juggernauts in the entertainment industry, Skydance Animation, and Spin... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2022 at GeekWeek
Data is one of the most important aspects of any business. It is used to make informed decisions, track progress, and strategize for the future. However, if data is not handled correctly, it can become cluttered and this can have a significant impact on the business. Data clutter is when... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2022 at GeekWeek
Back when he was leading the technological revolution practically single handed, Bill Gates famously predicted that businesses would change more in the subsequent 10 years than they had in the previous 50. Looking back, we can definitely say he didn’t know the half of it. The ceaseless advances in tech... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2022 at GeekWeek
Los Angeles, California – Nifty League, a leading NFT gaming platform, has closed a $5 million seed investment, with plans to spend the capital on expanding its reach and awareness across the metaverse. New York-based private investment firm RSE Ventures led the investment race to back the evolution of Nifty... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2022 at GeekWeek
When people think of Ancient Greece, they think of the grandiose gods, the sophisticated sculptures, the amazing architecture and the important contributions they made to society. It’s no wonder that people throughout history have been fascinated with Ancient Greece. During the Renaissance, there was a cultural shift and a rebirth... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2022 at GeekWeek
Breaks are important in a workday — especially if you want your employees to be happy and productive. Breaks can help employees process and remember information, reassess goals, prioritize, and cultivate healthier habits. It can also help make them more creative and productive. It’s easy enough to provide breaks, but... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2022 at GeekWeek
If you’re new to being an owner-operator, you’ve likely run into the sometimes messy roadblock of business insurance. Trying to learn more about commercial trucking insurance can get mentally exhausting, especially without knowing where to begin. There’s so much misinformation out there that you may end up paying a high... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2022 at GeekWeek
When working with Google Sheets, if you don’t know formulas such as conditional formatting, you can spend a lot of time using manual labor highlighting, deleting, and copying and pasting. The magic of Google Sheets is that you don’t have to do this, and hundreds of formulas exist that can... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2022 at GeekWeek
Conditional formatting in Google Sheets is a way of helping you to analyze and identify trends in large amounts of data. As its name implies, it is all about the formatting, with conditional formatting allowing you to enter a few formulas into your spreadsheet resulting in highlighted data that gives... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2022 at GeekWeek
When you are looking to become a Python programmer, you will see that Python certifications are the way to opening job prospects and lengthening your career path. Python certification is important because every certification is a credential that tells your future employers that you have a mastery of critical concepts... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2022 at GeekWeek
Are you considering buying a new pair of studio headphones? Is it intimidating to face the many choices available? We're all too familiar with the challenge. It's all too easy to be caught off guard by a windfall or unexpected expenses. This is why it might be difficult determining what... Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2021 at GeekWeek
With so many payment options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best to use. If you like to play real-money games then, at some point, you’ll have to make a deposit at a site. And you’ll be bombarded with payment providers, all claiming to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2021 at GeekWeek
Gamblers can be creatures of habit when it comes to the slots they play. Most do spin new games, but they always have a favourite game to fall back on. However, when it comes to slot sites themselves, the habits of gamblers make for a more muddled picture. There are... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2021 at GeekWeek
Casino gambling has got to be one of the most iconic things to come out of the last few hundred years, with it occupying a special place in the cultural psyche for a long time now, mainly as a result of the grandeur and epic scale of casinos and casino... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2021 at GeekWeek
Chilean players have a wide variety of online casinos to choose from, but as you probably know, not all casinos are created equal. There’s a lot more to a great Chilean online casino than simply accepting players from Chile. So, what makes a casino ideal for Chilean players? For starters,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2021 at GeekWeek
One of the best ways to get your own dream house is to build it. For geeks and their specific tastes, there’s an opportunity to create a home based around their most beloved fandoms. However, there’s a lot of planning that needs to go into building a home, especially with... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2021 at GeekWeek