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My fascination is not Pitt's long, blond wig but those Hollywood wigs that give a more 'dignified' look, maybe salt-and-pepper with a receding hairline.
Didn't know Phoenix was in the Pentagon, Professor! Guess I missed the blackface stuck in blimp traffic, but that's less lizard overlord and more shabby mummer, but what's the dif? Bigger question is what kind of vocoder did they use in Kiss Me Deadly in 1955? I feel like I should ask the military industrial complex ...
To say nothing of Bo's second cousin, Little John, the Conqueror Root. Several versions of Say Man out there; at least one Bo-Jerome cap rap per LP.
I remembered to forget to remember so many ... Roots Train Number One Watch The Closing Doors Crazy Train and sadly, The Shangri-La's "Train From Kansas City" is not on Youtube...
I think Antony and and the Johnsons show incredible restraint by not doing this song.
Brenden Mullen and Don Bolles' must-read book _Lexicon Devil_ goes into detail on how Darby (and lots of other LA punk legends) attended an alternative high school that practiced Scientology-based mind control (or brainwashing) techniques. All part the great California experiment. Speaking of Philip K Dick, dig this photo on the flickr account of former Germs manager Nicole Panter chilling with the man himself (along with then-husband cartoon artist Gary Panter, whose Jimbo seemed part modeled after Crash's persona):
A-ha: Youth Gone Mad vid is hidden in the Oki Dog playlist up there. What We Do Is Secret is indeed flawed for not being flawed enough -- needs more dirty.
Pretty sure Mok Jagger was modelled after Peter Murphy, but did you noticed Bowie's diet of milk and red pepper made the news recently as 99% Riot antidotes to each other. Like the videofilms we saw.
Just routine maintenance ... should be back on soon.
NELVANA HOLIDAY BONUS TRACKS Thanksgiving Special: Christmas Special:
And here's a pic of 1949 Mercury mentioned in "Mercury Blues" We all live in a yellow submarine...
A-ha: And its scene in the "Revolution" film barely features motor vehicles at all but a band of merry SF hippies walking out of the city and climbing trees ... "You know in your brain you must leave the Capitol" Io Pan!
But to fan the flames, may I point out there are two "Pauls" in the complete collection of "Yellow Submarine" toys released in 1999: Reality just can't help it ... The PID myth is too catchy!
It's a glaring question if The Beatles & Co really did commit this conspiracy, why they would purposely leave all these "clues." If they wanted to keep Paul's replacement a secret, wouldn't it be better to leave no hints at all? But by following a logical line of inquiry into the Paul Is Dead mystery, we'll already fallen into "their" trap, by assuming that the plot is real. The interesting thing about the Paul is Dead myth is not what really happened, but what people find themselves believing may have happened, despite all better judgement. Whether the "plot" was perpetrated by The Beatles, the "Illuminati," stoned college kids, all or none of the above is immaterial: the phenomenon exists with or without you. The essence of a grand mystery is not the solving of a crime, but the unraveling of the layers of reality, exposing what we might call the cosmic consciousness. To paraphrase Pogo, "They is us."
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Mar 27, 2011