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What we need is a president that is willing to stand for somthing other than supporting the Military industrial complex. We should stop playing God and start focussing on homeland environmental issues at hand.
Why isn't our government more concerned with recycling plastics that are strone around everywhere (lakes, rivers, wooded areas, landfills). This stuff (litter) can be reformed into crude. Look at: We should be advocating the use of glass instead of plastic which unecessarily ties up crude. We are extremely wastefull. Plastics should be taxed or incentives could be put in place to move toward the use of more sustainable and environmentally geared products. It seems our government is more concerned with keeping things status quo by supporting the military industrial complex.
I think that this design could prove to be very green if applied correctly. If one were able to have solar panels set to directly supply the needed energy to operate a dedicated compressor, eventually after the manuacture impacts were offset, this design would have zero polution or carbon impacts; except for future replacement parts.
I am interested in sustainable energy systems and designs. Sustainable living practices should be everyones goal. Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2009 at jeff ray's blog
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Posted Dec 14, 2009 at jeff ray's blog
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Dec 14, 2009