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Jeffrey Howard
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To get a glimpse of just one of the possibilities Apple's tablet will usher in for print media, one has only to check out this Sports Illustrated demo. As you can see, it could greatly cater to both photo and video journalists and their work, not only in these big name publications, but also think of the grassroots start-ups, smaller publications, niche focused rags, who, if they are savvy and on top with this technology and future, could quickly grow a base and audience that will draw the readers/viewers from the once big major publications and mainstays, that they, prior to, could never compete with, because of their size, and big hold on the market share, in their past-tense becoming print world model... especially if those said larger powerhouses are slow to adapt and embrace this match to powder like thing that it could be. Photographers and videographers, as well as those with their head in the game enough to be able to pool that talent and team with them to create a similar format for whatever content that they want to focus and specialize in, utilizing this budding format and medium to introduce themselves and their content to the world. Much as personal websites and blogs are now. I foresee something akin to a blogs 2.0 kind of thing, podcasts on steroids, with more viewer interactiveness, and visual media entities/individuals/artists being able to creatively expand how it is they present the news, world, their work, and how we all will in the future receive such content.
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Jan 26, 2010