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Prof. Yildirim has been brave enough to contribute by evaluating protest in face of water cannons and tear gas. There is no basis for the statement that Whittier is paying for this nor that the school's students are being deprived and if Anon and Anon Prof have a scintilla of proof in this regard, produce it--you cannot. More critically, why the hostility? Your simple point is that only bread and butter practice and procedure counts so any attempt to understand other legal systems is a waste. Rest of us disagree because (1) those systems are worth understanding because they are part of the international community in which we all live and (2) insights like those from Prof. Yildirim provide a lense through which we can see the flaws in our own legal systems. Anon and Anon. Prof, bravely hiding behind your hidden status while making ad hominem attacks--you've made your point (myopic as it is). Let Prof. Yildirim make hers so that the rest of us can learn from the discussion.
"Don't criticize what you can't understand.” ― Bob Dylan
Consular notification is an obligation by treaty, entered into by the US--it's not optional. This decision is violates not only Due Process but our own international accords.
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Jul 7, 2011