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Jeff Silbert
Founder of Order of Magnitude Group that helps ambitious CEOs and owners obtain game changing (“order of magnitude”) valuation growth.
Interests: e-myth, 3 favorite business books for order of magnitude ceos: crossing the chasm, and blue ocean strategy
Recent Activity
Funny,thanks Scott. As a consummate sales professional, I am glad my post rang true for you.
Thanks for sharing Scott, Nice! I am big avocado fan as well!
That's great Alan, thanks for letting me know and congratulations on the engagement!
Interesting Scott, as my doctor recommended I did some additional research and so at this point I have a beginner's understanding in the journey, let's discus some time. Also, 5 years between physicals, why so long? As for running/biking, I got some knee issues so unfortunately I have to be selective on which exercises my body allows me to do. For instance tennis and P90X are usually fine but not running unless it is to make a train or reach a drop shot.
Thanks Tim. Also, just knowing you and reading your blog has dramatically increased my vocabulary.
Neat Gary, thanks for sharing. Making it easy to quit hasn't hurt GroupOn so far.
That's great, thanks for letting me know Petia
That's awesome Scott, thanks for sharing. A great day!
Cool Tim, thanks for letting me know, enjoy the ride!
Update: Kyochon, the smaller of the two restaurant chains, sent me a nice note on Twitter.
Thanks Mike, I only noticed the performance difference after I got the new laptop so I am not sure how it happened although post sale makes the most sense unless they have had other people call in with a similar complaint where they documented the issue. Based on the immediate email I received from corporate I was expecting at the very least an empathetic call and to let me know ALL my post warranty choices to resolve the issue. Instead the call was all corporate policy with no corporate values. You have to hire for both.
Exactly Scott, Apple is implementing its core values which explains their poor customer service. Apple shareholders are not complaining, at least for now. Also, as of now, when there is a reasonable alternative I am no longer purchasing HP products. (Also thanks for sharing the Home Depot example, I did not know they led with that approach)
Just watched a video of the song Tim. It's beautiful, traditional Broadway. Then felt compelled to read the lyrics, as well as about the play and its background. I am a big impressionist era fan and saw the painting countless times when I lived in Chicago. Thanks for bringing all this into my world this morning! Here's the youtube I watched...
Thanks Frank and good luck finding a hat, should have gotten one for myself...