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Hi, Amy. I read your blog from time to time.. I found it when I was searching for how-tos on Umeshu last year. (Good news, it turned out great! :D) I worry about reaching this stage, too. I'm American, though halfie myself (white and Amerindian) so I grew up being labelled by both sides and confused as to where exactly I was supposed to sit for lunch.. Now my son, who is half American and half Japanese, is 6 months old. He's very clearly "hafu" so I knoew it'll come up eventually.. but maybe if we stay here in Okinawa it's not such a big deal. There are loads of kids like him. I think you did everything you could, and you're totally right in that the best you can do is raise him well and not to act like those kids or parents in the park. They can look at him all kinds of cross-eyed if they want, but it matters more that he's well behaved and well adjusted. (or at least better behaved than they were!) re: fiddlerchick I don't know how that works in the Hondo, but that sort of response (cursing and storming off) isn't very helpful in Okinawa. It just reinforces the "bad-mannered Gaijin" image that a lot of people already have. Rather we should show better courtesy than people like that. Not worth it to stoop below them to make a point.
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Mar 13, 2012