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Thank you Christie for another excellent piece. As both an adopter and a regular shelter volunteer at a great variety of shelters - couldn't agree more. We're actually looking for our next dog (patiently to find the right guy for our house - which is hard when volunteering!), and boy have I seen the gamut of write-ups. Shelters and rescues, focus on the behavior of the dog and taking good photos - or even videos! Its behavior is going to matter to many potential adopters (ideally all, but we know that's not true!), and a good behavior match will keep the companion in the home. This will be helpful to any audience reading the writeup. It seems like so many of the "regular joe" people looking for a "pet dog" want that breed that they grew up with and don't care in the least about the sad plight of the high-kill shelter dog... give them a cute photo and positive write-up, and they might be persuaded. (At least, that is the case with many of my co-workers who go to breeders and could care less about what I have to say about shelters and the great dogs in them. And these are highly educated silicon valley folks for the most part, even ones interested in politics and everything - this just isn't on their radar. It's a tough fight.) And I've been watching videos taken by volunteers at a high-kill shelter - extremely effective, positive, targeting all audiences, and makes it "real". Anyway, great article Christie.
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Oct 18, 2011