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I am so honored by this, Jen. I love this post! One of the things I admire most about it is its honesty and courage. How many of us would admit to it being a big deal to drive to an unfamiliar place and attend an event at which we initially knew only online avatars? But you know what: it is. I'd be terrified to do what you did. I know that sounds funny from a woman who spends most of her time traveling to and attending events at which she initially knows only avatars, but the fact is I have an allotted purpose at those events, and that makes it easier. My organizers kinda have to be nice to me. You were really brave--and I'm so glad you were, because as wonderful as it is to be friends online, it's all the more wonderful to have put a face to a face. I also love the point you made about social media having the power to connect us. I've had a lot of, ahem, invigorating discussions lately with other writers about the value of social media, and many of us are nervous about it because of the time it takes up, whether it isolates us from others in the three-dimensional world, etc. But like you, I find that Twitter & Facebook allow me to walk into a roomful of strangers and instead find friends. That is invaluable! Drive safely, missy. Love to you and Nina.
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