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I've been noticing a majority of women at my city pool wearing tankinis, and some really cute skirted ones. I like them because the top floats over my belly and with a skirted suit I never have to readjust my butt after getting up off the ground. Now I just need to get up the courage to ask a couple of ladies where they got their really lovely ones. Mine is just Lands End, bought three years ago after my son was born. The great thing then was that with a May baby my body was changing all summer, but I only had to buy new bottoms -- the top still fit.
I really appreciate this one! I didn't clean for Passover this year because I am still adapting to life with a toddler and a newborn. And then my toddler asked for a quesadilla for lunch. I'm glad to know that even dedicated Jews like you struggle with toddler chametz -- I don't feel so lame. :)
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Thank you so much for sharing this blessing today. I read it in the midst of my first successful tandem nursing naptime with my toddler curled up on one side of me and my newborn on the other. "She'asani ishah" seemed so appropriate for the moment and I was inspired to follow it with "she'asani ima". Only then did I realize that it was a shehehiyanu moment (but then most of the last 48 hours have been those).
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I'm drooling over your flooring. Local hickory? How awesome! Would you be willing to share the name of your source? The 100 year old fir in the center of my dining room is splintering and I'd love to replace it with something relatively local. I'd suggested ash to my husband because of emerald ash borer!
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I look forward to reading your reports! I saw a show they put on at the '07 URJ Biennial, Immersed that was just fabulous. Some day I hope to live near a progressive mikvah, here we just have the Chabad one which would rather not serve non-O converts. Anyway, have fun! Do you mind if I link this post to the Live Journal mikvah group?
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Oct 5, 2010