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This is Extreme.Dream.Come.True for someone! (maybe me!!) I loved looking through all the lovely artwork and remembering the entire last year AND remembering all the things I love about the design team!! Thanks, Niki, for all your amazing inspiration--I will miss you. How fun to have someone new to bring another dimension to my favorite monthly activity--PTI release stalking.
one word: WOW! you are visionary! every option is covered. WOW!
I'm always so amazed at the inspiration you find in things like home decor. There are so many pretty things in life--I wish I could visualize them transformed into a card like you do! I'm glad you give us so many card inspirations--thanks!
I'm particularly drawn to the saying with this month's flower. They are so perfect and work so well with the flowers. I'm a total impression plate fan--it is the first thing I turn to of all my tools and techniques, so there will never be enough of them. Thank you for always producing consistently wonderful releases!
There are so many wonderful things in this post--I love them all! My only disappointment was to find out that the background in the first card with zig zag lines wasn't an impression plate. I guess I will just have to be a little less lazy and stamp those lines. I'm thrilled with the inside and out sayings. They are just perfect and so needed.
I'm overwhelmed looking at all the work you did and all the people who were there! Very amazing.
I love the cool, crisp night time air. Such a pleasure after a hot summer.
totally cool! every time I look at one of the stamps at my house, I have to stop and think if it would be good on the top of the sticks. Some of those thoughts are pretty funny (like frogs!) I, too, look forward to future filler sets.
Ahhh. Glads are my dream come true, and not just for a stamp set. My husband always bought me glads when our children were born because I love them so much. (It was a little harder to find them for the spring babies!)
Plain and simple. Just plain, no decisions to make, simple and stunning. I am so glad for fillable frames #7. It speaks to me with the power of a straightforward shape and a solid impact, but does so with a confident, quiet voice. In a different way, the trees and leaves are also plain and simple--easy on the eye and easy to express yourself. Both parts of this announcement remind me of the Quaker hymn "'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free" and that brings peace to my heart. Thanks, Heather.
Witch of Blackbird Pond. It's been my favorite for more than 40 years. I'll have to come back here tomorrow and get a list of books to read based on everyone's favorites! What a great question.
I'm so happy, happy, happy, happy, happy about unique birthday cards!
Who would have thought that a card could open from the top down and not be peculiar? I'm all over file folder cards! (I love the rest of all that is official, too.)
Ahhh.... Somehow the airy feeling with the blooms and stems not clustered close together just feels so refreshing to me right now. I enjoy all the PTI background stamps, but sometimes having some blank spaces on the card is just the best impression possible. These flowers are delightful.
Based on the earlier peeks, I sort of decided this set wasn't for me since my kids are in their 20s and I have no grands yet. However this post was such an inspiration for me! I loved many of the ideas about scrapbooking and particularly liked the versatility of the additions set. My favorite thing about this set, however, is the many ways to use the notebook page. I think mixing up the journalling in scrapbooks with card making will be my most fun--imagine handwritten notes right on that notebook page on the front of a card. Cool!
two days ago I thought that Nichole had really blown it this release by introducing the tickets. how could she ever top that? well, she's done it here. I love reading more than stamping and it sounds like lots of the team also loves reading (I love the comments about favorite books to read and to read aloud). I guess I'll have to have a garage sale next weekend to make enough money to buy everything in this whole release!
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on Introducing All Booked Up at {capture the moment}
Very exciting new products! I especially love the pockets made from more unusual materials, like vellum and felt. Maybe that will inspire me to look at more things in my world in a new way?
I was up late last night, pretending I couldn't sleep, and caught a glimpse of these tickets on Betsy's blog. Then I really couldn't sleep!! I never have to buy a roll of tickets again. I've done that a lot--sometimes for invitations and lots for games and drawings at parties for teens. Plus I can make them look just like what I want them to say, instead of the generic version. Oh, that I could just order them today!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2010 on Introducing Just the Ticket at {capture the moment}
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Daffodils are pretty, And sweet peas are too! I have my fingers crossed so tightly for an upcoming gladiola. They are my favorite flower, plus I think they would make the best sympathy card ever!
It's getting to be way too predictable-- if Lisa designed it, I'm in love with it! I really love the way Flutterby Friends, Out on a Limb Sentiments, and Inside and Out: Thank You all could pretty much be addition sets for each other. They coordinate so well and Nicole presents them as if she had planned them to go together all along.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2010 on Introducing Flutterby Friend at {capture the moment}
The ledger look is lovely and lends itself to such and orderly, organized, yet simple and sweet presentation. I like it!
My comments are usually so trite--I just wanted to try a different style for these inspiring products, projects and prizes! The moon at night Seems very bright At this new height With such a sight Of stamps just right. That's how I feel about these new baby, fillable frames, and felt. They seem just exactly right!
When I'm at home I like to see Pretty flowers all around me. But when they fade, I'll see them yet With In Bloom template and this new set. In my dreams, I'm far away; I'll see Morocco again someday.
the best gift I ever received was the extra thick hot pads that my grandmother crocheted. Or maybe the best, best gift was when she finally decided I could learn how to make the family secret pattern myself! Either way, I still have many hot pads that she made with the leftover cotton yarn, so they are all half one color and half another. It will be a very sad day when they all get worn out, because she made them just for me.
I thought that Color Couture was pretty amazing when it was first introduced and looked forward to more color combos. Boy, was I astonished when the next two months were so different and clever! What a wonderful idea.