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Oh Barry - I don't know Steve or what his motive is, but I assure you...NONE of us (Mandy, Laura, Larry, Pam, me, etc) are going anywhere! As hard as Meckler tries to tear us down while trying to hold a tight grip on what he seems to think is HIS movement (and his alone), the harder we will fight to keep the movement alive and going full steam ahead! Mark Meckler is merely a speed bump on the road that is this Grassroots Movement. Yeah, he might momentarily slow us down, but once we are over him, we are over him. Moving on! Jen Rockwell http://newreaganpatriots iCaucus District 3 Coordinator
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
Maybe it's time for a fresh perspective. At the request of Mandy, I have been following all of these blogs and comments for the last day and a half. She asked that I come on here and comment, but I felt that Pam, Laura, Larry and Mandy had things well under control. Unlike Pam, Laura, Mandy, & Larry, I have not been involved in the grassroots movement for the last year and a half, other than receiving emails from TPP, TPE, iCaucus, etc. I started to get more active in March 2010 when I learned of Larry Naritelli. Shortly after, I earned the position of his Northern California campaign manager and my eyes were opened to who Mark Meckler really is and what he is really about. I have no dog in this fight. I've never been a "Tea Party Patriot". The only "Tea Party" functions I ever attended were on the campaign trail with the Naritelli campaign. I don't think Meckler denies that he did in fact send out an email to TPP members all across California stating that the Naritelli campaign had threatened him and Dawn Wildman. He stated in that email that he contacted the FBI. If he did actually contact the FBI, they certainly never contacted the Naritelli campaign. And they didn't contact us, because NO THREATS WERE EVER MADE! I don't need to rehash details. If you haven't read the details, you can here: The fact of the matter is that Mark Meckler is a bully. If people don't do what he says, he throws a fit and threatens to sue...or actually does sue. He is divisive and causes strife. It appears that his goal is to make as much money as he can on this movement and then when he can't make any more money, he'll try to take it down. I have no problem with him making money. My question is: What is Meckler doing with all the money he collects? When people donate to TPP or pay the minimum $10 a month to be apart of the Tea Party Patriots 1st Brigade, what is that money going to support? Meckler has refused to support candidates or really get behind any ballot measures? So what is the money for? My only goal here is to be one more voice WARNING people about Mark Meckler. I'm a relatively new voice and even I know that Meckler is bad news. Meckler only cares about Meckler. Period! Jen Rockwell iCaucus District 3 Coordinator
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Stan Meckler Responds at Rebane's Ruminations
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Aug 2, 2010