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Jennifer Tidd
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I don't get why GOProud and LCRs don't withhold their endorsements until AFTER the Republican primaries. I don't begrudge anyone the right to differing opinions, but do they really believe their endorsement does anything but harm a candidate with Republican base voters. If they endorse Romney, his opponents get to say, "SEE, he's soft on gays! Save your endorsements until the general election, where more moderates who are concerned about gay rights may be swayed. If Mitt is your guy, then endorse Newt, and vice versa. NEWSFLASH gay Republicans, most in your own party think you're revolting and should suffer in under apartheid conditions, so while Dems may be more verbally insulting, at least they don't codify their insults into law. Call me every name in the book, but deny me my rights, and sorry, that is far more offensive. Why can't these folks make that distinction?
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Jan 28, 2012