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Interesting post; yes, I'd prefer to know the truth rather than to hear what people think I want to hear. As you stated, people are robbed of the opportunity to grow when we don't allow for disagreement or discussion. I like your new blog layout! Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2010 on LEADERSHIP and SUCCESS at Psychological Wisdom
I think part of the reason so many individuals are leaving their faith in the U.S. is the disconnect between religion and their lives. Empty rituals cannot take the place of a true relationship with God, and if people did not observe others in their community making that connection with God, why should they follow the same course? As a parent, my priority is for my children to see that I don't just pray or attend church because I'm supposed--I do because I want to, because my relationship with God is real. My hope is that they, too, will want their own relationship with God.
As we struggle with the bedtime routine many nights, I can relate! I know my three won't be little for very long, so I have to remind myself to cherish each moment instead of trying to rush it along.
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I read the NY Times article the other day, and I definitely see how the ideas presented are lived out in my own family. I give today's fathers a lot of credit--I see how hard my husband works all day and the time he devotes to us at home, as well. Thanks for mentioning my blog post and for pointing out this interesting dynamic!
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Jun 27, 2010