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Thank you so much for including the SMMPVT (we need a new name!) in your round-up. We are definitely looking to expand our membership to include more foundation-based employees who use social media as a part of their jobs. I hope you'll come say hi at our breakfast roundtable on Friday. Elizabeth, Michelle Hillman of the Metrowest Health Foundation, and I will be there to discuss. Jenn
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Marie, thank you so much for being so open about your organization. I'm almost a year into my foray into philanthropy (also a communicator, here), and the power dynamic is one I struggle with. I'm glad to hear that you've been able to break it down.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2011 on Turning Inside Out at Transparency Talk
Hi Prentice, Social media usage will definitely get an organization thinking about sharing - especially in terms of just how much we're comfortable sharing. I think your question is right in line with this. Thanks for commenting! Jenn
Michelle - we are definitely trying to have some fun with it. I think our Facebook page tends to be our most personable outlet - we have more personal photos of staff and their children. That was a deliberate decision on our part ("with a purpose") to let our grantees know we're people too. Thanks for reading! Laura - I think we're still finding our way a little bit as to understanding how we can be MOST useful, but we've definitely opted for being useful in everything we do. Thank you for your encouragement!
Hi Jayme, I've really been pleased to be at an organization that says it's a learning organization and means it. Thanks for your kind words!
Hi Jon, I'm really enjoying how it's all coming together at work. Thanks for commenting!
What do you think of anonymous comments on a corporate blog?
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Mar 8, 2010