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I read that article too. Love what you did with it. I am writing a lot these days and really enjoying it (well except for the frequent episodes of self-loathing), but I think a major missing piece is this one about knowing the story. I cannot believe how unbelievably time-consuming it can be to find out what the story really is. Although I'm sure the more you do it the easier it gets. Or at least I hope that's the way it is.
Thanks for this post, I am a first time novelist and NaNo participant, have been feeling the need for an outline but not made one. This has finally given me the impetus to put a basic one together, now that I'm 5000 words and 4 chapters in. I can already tell it's going to be extraordinarily helpful.
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Wow! Love it. Looks beautiful, love the section titles, once again, wow. Congrats.
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Mar 4, 2010