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Woman, mother, blogger, glitterer... coffee drinker. The usual.
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Thanks for the feedback, Gina!
I adore you, Susan :)
There is nothing to be intimidated by! Just get in there and start shooting... if you don't like what you've done - delete it and start over! No one will see what you don't want them to! :) :) :) Go girl!
I'm so glad you posted this link! I keep meaning to join in! And I've been wanting to find that vlog from Great Wolf - what fun!!!
I watched - that's GREAT! Well done! and congrats!!!
@Clutteredbrain - congrats on your win!!! You're already rollin', sister! @Suki - you will get comfortable. It's just getting familiar with that one eye - that doesn't blink *heehee* :) @Erin - Awesome! Cameras are so affordable right now too!
That was the most Amazing race I have ever been a part of! It was so neat that you stayed open... a testimony to why local biz is da bomb! Thank you for playing a key role in Andreas awesome night of amazing and racing! SO cool you got pics too -- I see me in the top one! Glad I didn't elbow my competition! ;)
Toggle Commented May 29, 2010 on poulsbo's amazing race at rubber soul blog
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May 29, 2010