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Jenny Vergara
Kansas City, MO
Faster, Stronger, Smarter, Better . . .I am a Foodie in the Making.
Interests: wine, restaurants, tattoos, cocktails, cooking, writing, photography, eating, astrology, finally a foodie, hand-blown glass, anything with sequins or beads, domestic and foreign travel, looking at the moon and the stars in the sky, being in the water. i want to learn to shoot a gun at a shooting range, i want to learn to balance the ph of my hot tub all by my big girl self, i want to learn how to grow terrific tomatoes in my own backyard, i want to learn to smoke a hookah pipe, i want to attend a real indian wedding ceremony, i want to attend a formal masquerade ball, i want to live somewhere outside the u.s. for a couple of years, i want to learn to speak a foreign language fluently, i want to experience my 15 minutes of fame for something i love to do.
Recent Activity
It was actually pretty good. The dog itself was surprisingly juicy for being a chicken dog, but the Thai peppers and spices in the dog were really hot, as was the Sriracha mayo. So, the seaweed salad which was cold and a little sweet was a coolant factor in the mouth. Think of it as Asian relish, which is typically pretty sweet. The spicy and temp hot "hot dog" was enhanced by the cold, sweet seaweed salad. It was a little strange to be eating chicken with a "fishy" condiment, tho' . . .but I ate the whole thing.