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Exactly! Your answers were very similar to mine, LOL! And I was giggling about your coloring outside the lines and running with scissors. Charley is definitely one of my favorite heroines, too. I really hope she gets her own back in book 4. I want her to stick it to Reyes. I know Darynda says his actions will make more sense in the next book, but he's just ticking me off. Even if he is made of sexy. Mr. Wong always makes me giggle. I think because of Charley's one sided conversations.
I know I'm totally late, but I've been really sick for the past couple weeks. I'm prego and the morning sickness is kicking my ass. So hopefully you will give me a small break because I'm usually way better with the commenting. :/ Your Grandpa sounds amazing. I loved my grandparents and I also miss them like crazy. I was totally thinking about the past generation and how it's so nothing like this one, not even like my parents. My grandparents seem almost nothing like my own parents. Makes me a bit sad, but I could be all sorts of emotinal. LOL! Also Ryan Gosling.....YUMMY!
OMGosh, Risa in that first pic is adorable and hilarious all at once! She looks like she is so scared of the gun she is going to kill it with her screams. I love it! So cute!And, if you find a flame thrower, let me know where because ME WANT! Imagine the damage we could do with one of those. I totally LOLed when I was reading about the shark bite suite. Classic and clever. If a shark can't get through that sucker, no zombie disease for you! P.S. I don't even HAVE a lighter. Just matches. Had to hide them because my girls are fascinated with fire. Pyros, my children.
I love that your baby is holding the meat tenderizer. LOL! We actually have some guns and the Hubs has convinced me (very much adding in the zombie apocalypse to enforce his ideals) that we needed bullets. So, I totally let him go to a gun convention in Phoenix and buy a GINORMOUS case of bullets. Funny part is I didn't even blink at the cost, just kept thinking that at least I'd have something to fight off the zombies with. Plus, I have this huge chef knife in my kitchen and some meat cleavers. Hubs a chef so the knives are sharp. Not a ninja sword, but still I'd be swinging. I bet you Bruno would kick some zombie ass, too. I'd like to think that the animals are immune to the zombie disease. ;)
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Is it wrong that you had me at "nudist colony"? LOL! I haven't read a cozy mystery in a long time. I think that maybe it's about time for that. I could use some cozy.
First off, love the new header. Wow I've been away forever! And I seriously need a ninja sword. Imagine the damage that could be inflicted. Plus, I'm rather jealous of your flashlight. That thing is sleek and pretty while also looking deadly. Your children though, I don't think they could use it properly. LOL! And that dragon, I think it's ears would be good stabbing tools. They look like tiny spears.
Those look yummy. Never heard of Elephant Ears though. NOM NOM!
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I only scanned through this one because I do have plans to read it and I don't want to get my hopes up. It seems that 2nd books in YA series never can quite live up to book 1. The only real exception is if book 1 wasn't really that good and the author gets better, LOL! Hopefully that made sense in some facet. Can't wait to read this one!
LOL! Yes, yes you do. However, they are bomb recipes, so it was totally worth the asking. Hey girl! How are you? I was feeling a little better today so I thought I'd drop in and say HI!! How was your mothers day? Mine was shite, but the fam always has drama. This year it was my sister's husband calling his daughter a bitch in front of everyone. So classy. LOL! Anyway, *huggles* miss your face. :) Hope all is well!
Just linked up chickadee! I'll be back tomorrow for commenting! *hugs*
First off *huggles your face* I've missed you!!!! Your link wasn't in the linky on Cambria's blog. You need to go do that! LOL! Now, on to the questions. I'm all about the whoop ass for my kids. As for hiding bodies, that's where I draw the line. Mostly because if that was my daughter I'd want to know she was dead instead of a runaway. I think I'd hold on FOREVER thinking one day she'd come home. Poor parents. But like you, I think all of it falls into grayish area. I think Sam is functioning off a totally different line of events than we are. Plus he's hot. JS. LOL! And don't lie Heidi. You know you'd totally be into it if your BF was like "Hey, I'm a freaky strange animal from hell. Marry me." LMAO! Also, let's be really honest, Kimber's a bitch. I actually really liked her up until that point, but that was the line. You don't do that kind of thing if you're really a friend. She deserves a kick in the pants.
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No, we so totally don't have that maturity! I can totally look back and say "I should/shouldn't have done that", but in high school...LMAO..bring on the payback! O_o Okay, your number five had me in tears. Seriously. I miss my grandparents more than anything. My grandpa always had this way of cheering everyone up and my grandma was the best cook. She always helped us make our own miniature apple pies. All this stuff going on with my parents, makes me miss them more everyday.
Sometime illicit activity is necessary. O_o LMAO! I love it. I'm really good at secret keeping, but sometimes it seems that I can't remember who was allowed to know what. Mostly it's me keeping things from my husband in regard to my family. I don't want him to know things because he's too judgmental and then I forget I hadn't told him and BAM he's like why didn't you tell me and I was like....Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm If you discover supernatural creatures, let me know. That could be a whole box of fun. And I'll consider you to have all your french fries. True story. My favorite parts of the book also included the dialogue between Atticus and Oberon. I think that the hilarity of the novel really made it awesome as did Oberon. I just loved him.
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And I'm temporarily making comments because I've totally been sucking. LOL! No, but seriously, I'm sorry I'm so late on this one. It's been kind of a hellish weekend. Still don't feel up to sorts. But, I'm trying. :D Yeah, why is it the giggles are our undoing? It's so not unfair. It's almost impossible for me not to laugh in completely inappropriate situations. So NOT FAIR! LOL! And, I never drank, so I can't even blame my stupid decisions on the bottle. LOL! Miss yoU!
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I so wanted to say Fey, too, but you CANNOT TRUST A FEY! But how cool would their glamors be? I hate Rowena! She and Emily deserve to be in a lot of pain. Just saying! OMGosh! So guess what? I totally baked cupcakes last night for the blog, but I used the wrong mint extract and they were so horrible, when I tasted them I gagged. I threw them out before I even frosted them. *shudders* Then I had to clean my house to death (it was 9:00 at night) to get rid of the minty smell because it just reminded me of the horrible tasting cupcakes. LOL! So, today I'm making new ones to post up. Well, at least I know never to use spearmint oil again for mint cupcakes. YUCK!
I love read-a-longs! I'm excited to jump into this book and see Italy through the eyes of Heven's eyes. Is it totally weird that I want a masquerade mask? I've always loved those things, ever since I was young. I'm a nerd. What can I say. ;) *huggles*
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Dude! That car is huge. I don't know if I would have been that adept at driving it, that hood would have gotten me into trouble. And, don't kid yourself, there are creepy strangers in most of the public places in the valley. LOL! Oh the weirdness of people here. I went to PV mall last week just as it was opening. Seriously freaking men wandering around. I was like, hope someone hears me if I scream.
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I thought the person posing in the Mona Lisa was Leonardo's daughter. I read that he loved both men and women and that Mona Lisa was actually his daughter. ?? I would LOVE to meet old actors! OMG, imagine meeting Carey Grant or Fred Astaire *dies*! That would be so amazing. Rex is ADORABLE! I used to have a long-haired siamese (Zani), but he died last year *tear* He got fatty liver disease. I'm all paranoid now so my kitty's food is OCD monitored. You're kids names are freaking awesome. I'm not even just saying that. It's funny how names become an obsession when you have kids. My oldest daughters name is Lejla (pronounced Layla) and it means night in Arabic and my youngest is named Sherife (pronounced Sherry-fae) and means eminent or virtuous in Arabic. Also, if you get Matthew McConaughey, let me know. I'd like to "use" him too! LOL!
Zombie Spider? Doooood! I would have grabbed my girlies and ran out of the house and into the street. I'm really bad with knives. But seriously awesome. LOL!
Kira sounds like an amazing and fascinating character. And no, I could not imagine getting pregnant time and again only to see it fail. That would be heart-breaking. I don't think I could emotionally survive something that horrific. Seriously, that is just cruel to make them do that over and over again. It sounds like the partials need a whole lot more development. I think that would bother me also since it's the name of the book and all. I've hear varying reviews on this one, but you make it sound so good. I think I'll give it a check out and see what I think. Maybe from the library. Great review, Heidi!
HEY! Timeless! I swear I've been waiting forever for that one. Yay!!! So excited! Plus, Gin Blanco and her next book. Wow, there are a lot of excellent ones...I always forget like half of them. I kind of suck at remembering things. LOL!
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This one sounds pretty good. Admittedly I hadn't heard of it before. Also, so excited for the read-a-long! It'll be nice to have another Arizonan along for the ride! Okay, well past-Arizonan works, too. ;)
The cover of A Beautiful Evil creeps me out. The Catastrophic History of You and Me, that's one I'd like to read. I'm going to have to put it at the top of my TBR!
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I would say I LOVE Vampire Academy, Dimitri and Rose...*sigh*...I also love The Notebook. I never get tired of that one. One of my all time favorites is Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron in Daddy Long Legs, I'm a musical lover. There's also Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Meet me in St. Louis. I just love to watch them over and over again! Plus, I love the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre. Then again, I love me some Michael Fassbender. Okay, I'm stopping.
It sounds like something I may like. Although, too bad about the relationships coming out of nowhere and the development lacking somewhat. I'm really interested by the summary, though and the world-building sounds quite amazing. *sigh* I'm a little snagged on the whole development thing, though.
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