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Love this! just a great job. You forgot the 11th plague: Matzah Crumbs--which would be leaving a trail of debris wherever you go and making other people pick up the pieces ;-)
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Not sure this is what you are looking for and don't want to come off as a self-promotional a-hole, but I'll share two things. First, I have an example of Agile Marketing from a client of mine (JackBe), which resulted in being named a Finalist for a Forrester Groundswell award. Links are below. Also, I've written a part of this manifesto (I call it Agile Marketing Development) already in my eBook Dandelion Marketing: Again, I think this is relevant and hope you take it in that vein. JackBe/Forrester Links
Mazal tov. Thank you for sharing this moving piece. And, as always, it's entertaining to hear of Israeli bureaucracy ;-)
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Too funny. I do the same thing at my dentist (with the details, not the ceiling, that is)...the curse of the "marketer's eye," I suppose.
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Got here via Twitter (can't remember who, sorry). I love this and think you are right on. The only challenge with blogging for anyone (companies big or small) is that it requires commitment and actual big thinking. I know David and that's what we get on his blog, so it works for him. If you are just going to promote product or yourself, etc., it won't work. Well done.
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I'm in a state of a bit of Twitter fatigue ( so not that much, though I do get some value out of it (found this post that way, I suppose). So, truth is...not a whole lot...probably close to zero.
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I'm up for it. BTW, definite business value to twitter: see here:
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P&G made an effort that didn't totally work out smoothly (pun intended) when I blogged about how much I love Metamucil. YEs, Metamucil: See the FULL story here Only when they got some bad press did it come around. Enjoy!
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