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Jeremy Sheehan
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What happened to the listing of streaming releases for the week?
@Notovny - Completely OT, but what are your thoughts on the Chromebook concept? Like it? Love it?
@tester - if you look at BP's profile ( he apparently hates Netflix. He trolls on this website as if he has nothing else to do. God Bless the anonymousness of the internet. It allows you say things without fear of retribution.
@BP108 - What crime are you referring to? Just installed and didn't play movies on my OG Droid. Disappointing. I'll have to try at home to see if it works from a wifi connection.
@Brett Cochran - I'm surprised you're still on CM 6.1.2. CM 7.0.3 for OG Droid has been out for several weeks now. It's solid. Honestly, this hack doesn't seem very safe. I wouldn't feel very comfortable with changing this setting. Check out this link. I don't think you have to edit the build.prop file to install this. This is an XDA tweaked app. Go team Android!
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May 13, 2011