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Jermell Williams
Seitlin Employee Benefits (Florida) - Benefits Consultant
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Today was our official launch of A’Dunte’ & Associates. The funny thing about starting a company is that no matter how much preparation, dedication, and evaluation you have already put into it, you still feel nervous. You ask yourself “Is our website good enough?” “Will people buy into our products... Continue reading
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Honesty is the best policy, it establishes a huge level of rapport that otherwise might take months maybe years to establish. Especially under this particular circumstance, you did the right thing. Many salesman only see the game played from their perspective & don’t understand that there are many levels of insight/ perspective(s) in every engagement (Finding the winning battle in the face of defeat). Ok so you don’t offer that product, well now there is an idea to explore (A’Dunte’) = “A Win”…Ok so you don’t have the product, but you offer alternatives, well now there are ideas (for the savvy buyer) to explore = “A Win”. Ok so you offer alternatives & are honest = Rapport = Clients coming back for more = “A Win”. The most important aspect in any buyers’ decision making process is “Intrigue” and my friend you achieved it. “The Battle Within…the Game”
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Aug 26, 2010
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Aug 26, 2010