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I am especially interested in RibbonTab tab = GetSetRibbonTab("Presentation", "INAW2", null); RibbonPanel panel = GetSetRibbonPanel(tab, "INAW Panel10", null); I have discovered how to enumerate through the collection of RibbonTabs and panels, but don't know how to create the :-(
Hello I am completely new to the Inventor API, have been developing for Revit the past three years, and I am just exploring the possibilities now for Inventor. I have managed to create a nice batch print utility as an axecutable, but now I want to do it using an addin dll. I can create the addin, but somehow miss how I can create the user interface ribbon and buttons, like I can do it in revit Is the code you are posting in this example downloadable? Obviously I am missing some references and/or classes.... I would be much obliged, searching with google has not given me the solution yet ;-)
Nice :-). I like to keep things as simple as possible myself, and this fits my needs.
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Nov 24, 2012