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Because I don't use fish sauce a lot, I had picked up a small bottle of "Thai Kitchen Premium Fish Sauce" from my local grocery store. This article made me dig it out of the refrigerator and check ingredients. Anchovy extract, Salt, Pure cane sugar(?). Ok, not top quality, seems to not contain any Sodium Benzoate. So if I picked a bottle of something better quality, how long can I expect it to survive my occasional use stored in the refrigerator?
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2011 on Sodium Benzoate in Fish Sauce at Viet World Kitchen
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Hello Flat Colin, I live in the woods in NW Oregon, about 26 miles west of Portland, Oregon with 12 cats, 1 dog, two horses and a goat. Whenever I can get into Portland, I like to visit the food carts, especially the Vietnamese ones where I can get a big bowl of Pho or Bahn Mi. Yum...
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I spent 20+ years in the electronics industry, last 12 as a software engineer. I now work a 40 hour week cooking pizza. Less money, At 62 I should retire, but I enjoy the work.
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