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Jerry Donnelly
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I have some concerns about the quality of the NEMJ study that would equate plain potatoes with French fries, which is what I conclude from their wording: "Potatoes or fries (this category lumped together French fries, mashed, baked, & boiled potatoes--and didn't account for potato "add-ins" like butter, margarine, milk, or cheese)." Using the CRON-o-Meter you can determine that one pound of baked potatoes has 422.2 calories, while a pound of French fries has 1434.6. I weighed a couple of baked potatoes that I would call medium to medium large and they came in at just over one pound. So someone would have to eat about 12 potatoes, or six pounds of them, a day to get 2,500 calories. This while six pounds of French fries would be 8,607.6 calories. How in the world could researchers lump potatoes into a category of foods causing weight gain? You could eat them until you are physically sick and not gain any weight if you don't adulterate them with high-fat additives. This is the very worst kind of research which gives Americans faulty nutrition data. Americans need to be eating potatoes until they can't eat another bite, without fat on them. Doing so they they will lose weight, feel full, and, if they add unprocessed fruits and vegetables to their diet, will maximize their nutrition.
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Jul 27, 2011