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Jerry Kennedy
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I'm with analog notebook rules in the digital age! I have a great little green notebook that goes with me wherever I do so that I can write down those thoughts/tasks/reminders that would otherwise derail me. Thanks for the reminders, Jill!
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Totally agree with you and Andrea, Skip. I've embraced the wanting-ness to fail, not just the willingness, and my results get better every day!
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Totally agree with Anthony on this one: the lack of passion goes way beyond just salespeople. More and more people seem to be beaten down by the downturn this go around. Definitely time for an attitude adjustment, and I think that's a 'bottom-up' initiative; passion isn't something that can be dictated by management.
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Excellent post, Skip. Love your point about the internal disharmony created when an otherwise decent human being tries to employ the "hard sell". Great reminders for salespeople. Thanks for another great post! Jerry
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Mar 2, 2010