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The reason the church is rightly getting all the criticism is that they claim to be god’s representatives on Earth, and they routinely preach their morality to the rest of us The main reason that the Church is getting criticism heaped upon it is NOT because they have sexual predators in their ranks. That happens. As Donohue pointed out you get them in other religions, you get them in schools, you get them in all walks of life. No, the MAIN reason that the Church is getting this criticism is because the hierarchy KNEW that they had sexual predators in their ranks who were preying on children and they did NOTHING to remedy the situation. They did not call the authorities. They did not keep these priests away from children. In the best cases they simply MOVED the priest to somewhere else, where he could then assault other children. That's the problem here - and apologists like Donohue are trying to make it something else. They want to be able to say "look, this happens in other religions and in secular areas" and think that makes it tolerable. But it isn't. When this happens in, say, the Boy Scouts the scouts call the cops in to investigate. When allegations like this happen in a school you bet your ass that the cops are called. Anywhere you have children in the protection of an adult and that adult is alleged to have assaulted them you call the cops and let them sort it out. Hell it's required in most states in the US for a teacher who even suspects that a child has been abused to call the goddamn cops and report it. What happened here is that the Church found out about predators in their midst and they covered it up. THAT'S what has people outraged. And what's more, the longer the Church refuses to admit that the cover-ups are what is broken about the Church the more their authority erodes. The best thing that the Church could do (for themselves) is come out, admit they were wrong to cover up these abuses, and put into place a transparent system to make sure it never happens again. That's what a school board would do in this situation. That's what the Boy Scouts have done in this situation. That's what any organization that cares about children would do. But since I don't think that trait applies to the Church hierarchy, I'll also point out that that's what any rational organization that is worried about its continuing existence would do in this situation. The Church, however, can never be accused of being rational. And I think that the current hierarchy would rather see the Catholic Church disappear entirely rather than admit that they were wrong or have to change how they do things to be more transparent. Which is fine with me - as an ex-Catholic watching the current hierarchy destroy the Church from within has been an amusing exercise - they're doing more to destroy Catholocism than any Protestant theologian or atheist could ever manage. Or at least it was amusing right up until the reports of child abuse started to come out. Now I'm just furious.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on Bill Donohue - Vile and Immoral at Skeptico
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Mar 23, 2010