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The Four Ps of marketing are designed to help companies reach their target market with key elements central to well planned marketing. The reason that all of the Four Ps over lap is that they all affect one another as well as the target market. An example of the Ps overlapping is that when a consumer feels they purchased your product for a good price they will be more likely to promote your product and the value it is to their friends, thus Price affects Promotion. Consumers are visual and like convenience when purchasing products. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a product with more features or with a more stylish design. An example of good use of the Four Ps in marketing would be Starbucks Coffee. It has been promoted as being cool to have Starbucks Coffee vs. similar coffee shops coffee, lending Starbucks strength, and with a Starbucks on almost every corner, they have the opportunity to be the convenience consumers desire. Consumers happily pay more to have a cup of coffee with the logo of Starbucks on the side because of Starbucks promotion and product design and placement.
Well said. Very relevant post for me, I've been realizing my tendency to multi task and not really accomplish anything - or at least not accomplish anything with quality. It's crazy to sit and think about how much multi tasking we do with out even realizing it.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2010 on MULTITASKING ADDICTION A TURNOFF at DR4WARD
Criticism: "The quality of products is poor and often they are not even safe." The General Norms of Marketing state that in marketing one must "do no harm and foster trust". To market a product that is unsafe would violate the norm of "do no harm," companies are held accountable for their products and would not stay in business if they were marketing unsafe products. Just think people can sue when their hot coffee is too hot. In order for a company to "foster trust" their products need to do what they claim to do. If a product is of poor quality a cunsumers will not trust the company. As stated in chapter one of our book "marketing begins with the customer's needs". True marketing would be incapable of marketing poor quality and unsafe products to their consumers without violating marketing norms and ethics.
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Sep 15, 2010