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Hej Benita :) I was in Stockholm this time last year (my boyfriend and I took some time out from an Australian winter - which yes, does exist!) and found the midnight sun to be amazing. It was such a wonderful experience, to have that much sunlight. We would often go to bed at around 11:00pm, and then wake up due to jet lag at 2:00am - only to find it was light outside! I took a series of photos very much like this one - and then made sure to show all of my friends, and tell them "yes, it was 11:00pm/3:00am when this was taken!". I also found the sunlight itself to have a very different quality in Sweden than in Australia. Over here, in summer the sun is so hot and bright - but in Sweden, it was quite pleasant even during the height of summer! I'm very jealous, and can't wait for our extra sunlight in another 6 months. I hope you enjoyed your midsummer very much :) - Jessamy
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Hi Benita, Just a few quick comments: -I'm not sure if you meant you would have problems with the 'trackpad' (ie, on a laptop) or an actual 'mouse'. But the Magic Mouse that Apple have is amazing, and, most importantly, you can change the settings to enable it to have a 'right click' function, and operate in exactly the same way as a Windows mouse. Plus, it has so many bonus features! -Regarding software like Photoshop, doesn't a student like Wille get a discount when purchasing software from Adobe? It's worthwhile looking at the student prices and seeing whether he qualifies for anything that you may be able to put on your Mac? ( Finally, take the plunge and buy a Mac! They're brilliant, and so easy to use. I've found that my iMac was worth every single cent - it's user friendly, looks and sounds good, and it just works! Cheers, Jess
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