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You know I feel like those have been my same words in so many other arguments so I totally respect what you are saying as a diehard progressive. There's just some wall I have from working on music all my life that makes this feel like a greater atrocity to me. But if I removed some of my subjectivity I would probably agree.
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While every feminist bone in my body loves what they did with this. Disobeying someone's dying wish to not have their music used in commercials oversteps any boundaries of cool meme in my book. I wish it wasn't an ad but it's an ad. Context -
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Hey Alex, First off, I do discuss this and to be honest I wrote 300 pages we took out of this book on songwriting and finding your voice as a group. I decided to make it a separate book that I will probably release for free or a few dollars later this year. Secondly, I adress this fact and agree with you, but there is so much more to the promoting a song and taking it as far as possible once you have a great song. This focuses on what you can do after you write a great song. In fact, you are even cited inside the book as a great example of building relationships with fans. I would love to get you a copy so you can see for yourself. Feel free to hit me up @jessecannon on Twitter and I will get you one.
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Actually we go through both levels, if you go download the excerpt of our book @, you can see we do just that. As the chapters progress we recommend services and tactics for those with aestablished fanbases.
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Apr 25, 2013