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Jessee Maloney
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oooh, this book looks awesome!! my spoonflower username is : Jesseesuem
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oh wow, I would LOVE any of those fabrics, they would all be perfect for some upcoming quilt projects I have.
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i have an HP touchscreen laptop, and i don't like to use it to draw, its not too consistent and slightly jumpy, my wacom worked so much better and cost a LOT less. so i say go with what Stephen said. my laptop is a year old, maybe the new ones are nicer? what i did like was that program they were using. anyone know what it was? just the idea of 'painting' and seeing the repeat right away was pretty sweet.
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i was in the contest too, and this is the one i actually voted for!! great design :) you so deserved to win!!!!!
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Jan 2, 2010