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@- bob Are you referring to yourself?
@-Greg Hi bob
@- Steve Don't be confused, it was a little slippery ( that's why I was in fourwheel drive ) had my fourwheel drive system worked I would not have lost traction. I had to have someone pull up the hill and it just happened to be a ford. The ford pulled me up the hill just fine, talk about embarrassing, now I own a ford :)
@-Steve M I'm saying that the SFA gives you equal power on both axles not more power up front. The IFS doesn't have the same kind of torque up front, it feels like it's only giving you about 25 to 30% pull. I actually slid backwards down a 8% grade in my 2011 HD chevy off road in fourwheel drive while pulling 12k. I had to put the trailer into a tree to stop it from dragging me down the hill, needless to say the fourwheel drive system on the chevy sucks when pulling a heavy load.
I wish pickup would dyno the front wheels, while in 4 wheel drive, on the big three just to see how much power to the ground these badboys have. I bet the Ford and Ram would blow the GM away! The solid front axle makes a difference, I know from experience.
Hopefully they don't put the Impala dashboard in their next design, it doesn't belong in a pickup. They really need an up to date interior.
They must be taking advice from GM.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2011 on First Look: 2012 Nissan Titan at PickupTrucks: News
I'm interested to see how that 8 speed works. Way to go Ram, bring some new technology!
I hope it doesn't look like an overgrown Dakota!
Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.------? It's a shame that most people can't enjoy this "Awesome" web site because of a few ----- cause it to get shutdown.
Hurry up and build it , I want my Super Duty to be able to get 40 mpg. Fuel and power costs must remain the same for it to do any good though
Go Ford , and while your hooked up with Toyota don't forget to check out their " Ground Clearance" on the Tacoma!
This sounds like the begining of the end to all the small pick-up trucks in America . I hope not!
I want to do that to mine :) !
@Lou - GM could be in huge trouble waiting that long to come out with their new design. I wonder how many trucks they sale in the next two years, they probably won't get another bailout.
@-Zach. GM provided the best warranties to their customers? That's why I traded my 2011 Chevy HD for a Ford. Because in 8 months they wouldn't fix the DPF system on my truck and I was fed up with their BS. Yes that's right GM fans I have like Chevy my whole life. And after spending 54k on a truck that would regen every 300 miles instead of around every 700 like they claim, I was done, a few reasons why. When my truck would go through a regen it would take an hour or more to complete every cycle, it was supposed to take 20 minutes. I would average 12 miles per gallon when it was in a regen cycle, so if you do the math on that it's not a very good MPG average. GM told me if I wasn't happy with my truck to fill out a lemon law form and good luck, they didn't feel like anything was wrong with it.
Isusu and Allison saved GMs HD pickup.
@- bob What do you think GM is going to do when 2014 comes around and they don't have enough money to renew their contract with Allison. I think sales matter! Ford will have enough money, I know kinda scary, to think of a Ford with an Allison.
It's funny how people bring up that Ford may have been "rigged" but the GM could also have been rigged. There was an engineer fom GM there for the test he could have easily gave the crew back at the office the vin# and they could do a quick update via "onstar" and there you go you now have a winner. The Ford was first on the first Davis Dam run, then the GM got some more power all the sudden and beat it the second time. Hmmm kinda fishy.
@jamesff. I think the fords brakes smoked because their exhaust brake doesn't work very well , I have one it's true. IMO if ford fixes the exhaust brake it may also help them with their high elevation power loss, the exhaust brake works off the turbo and fords engine design is new with the turbo placed in the valley of the motor. If they can improve this area it may do more than you think.
Um most of the Ford guys here have said congrats to GM, but the GM fans continue to whine that we still like the Ford. GM fans grow up, it goes to show that you guys aren't half as good as the trucks you like. We Like The Results, the Ford still needs to work the kinks out but overall it's a pretty nice TRUCK! More than i'll ever need. And I'm glad I traded my 2011 chevy for the 2011 Super Duty
@- Mike I would like to see how these trucks perform in 4x4 , maybe in the snow :) . Also I'm curious on how the Fords 3.55 axle performs compared to the GM and Rams 3.73
@- Junner or should I say bob nobody's crying the GM won by 53 points , the Ford lost 72 points in the exhaust brake test. So Ford needs an exhaust brake. I can live with that :)
I absolutely love my F-350 superduty and now I know it's capabilities without having to push it to the limit. You guys are the best! Congrats to GM for the win The Ford is gaining ground and it's more truck than I need some I'm thrilled to own one!