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Jessica Miller-Merrell
Workplace Technology Strategist. Thinker, Writer, Driving Innovation at Work
Interests: photography, yoga, writing, reading, my family
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Patty, You are absolutely right. Raising the bar is hard and we should be paid what we are worth. I think the key is to really focus on your skills and qualities so you can demand top dollar. I have always asked for pay ranges up front when I've been interviewing because I didn't want to waste my time or the hiring manager's with an interview. It took me a while to find a good job paying what I felt I should be paid. I also did research the market so I knew what the pay ranges were. I think when women leave work to take care of their kids, they are not confident in their skills or are prepared to negotiate. Ideally we should be talking and networking even when we are not actively employed so that at that moment when we are ready to re-enter, people can recommend us and we are able to negotiate a higher salary. Thank you for your comment. JMM
@John, You are right. A good HRIS system helps to solve the problem. So my question is why the heck do we have to have two or even three titles. This causes so much confusion, drama, and is just silly. The fact that there is even a blog post to discuss the different HRIS system organizational structure lends to the fact, that is is nothing but a productivity sucker. For example, I was the Team Relations Leader at an organization but to everyone outward facing of the organization I'm the HR Manager. Even if there is an HR Solution to help sort the job titles, it is still ridiculous that we have two or even three. I think a good vendor can help provide clarity to solve this problem with the addition of some boxes, but the problem still remains, why the heck do I have two job titles? And how much unproductive time is wasted on sorting, managing, and keeping track of these? Thanks for your comment. JMM
@Roxine, My suggestion to you is to create two different email signatures. With a quick drop down you can change one to suit your needs. I also have multiple email signatures as I have all my emails going to one central place so I can organize and sort my life. Glad you enjoyed the webinar. Those are so much fun to do. JMM
This is a good article with many points that are similar for most professions and industries that provide a certification exam. I am certified in SPHR which stands for Senior Professional Human Resource. While not required to get a position, it has certainly elevated my status among my peers and provide me additional opportunities to interview because of the letters after my name. One of the reasons I think the certification is important for myself is because my degree is not in my field which is Human Resources. I have a degree in Anthropology and Business, but I have the experience and the certification to match. Jessica
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Nov 22, 2010