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Mmmmm...cookies. My bf would give me the puppy eyes and I would be mixing cookies until 3a *sigh*
Actually, "most" of those who commented did NOT say they were waiting for their pet to die. Nor did they say they had abandoned their pet. False information does not help anything. I understand that you are an animal lover and I respect that...however, your emotions seem to be overtaking your ability to be rational. Major changes in anyone's life are likely to shift priorities and perspectives. Most parents express that even their relationship with their spouse changed after the first baby was born. What sadden me the most here are the comments that wish illness, abandonment or even death on other people. Surely you must see that a person that posts something like "I hope your cat kills your baby" or "maybe you should die in a fire..." comes across as psychotic and weakens the entire pro-pet argument?
It's quite possible that animals are equal (whatever that means) to people...since we ARE all animals who live and die on the same planet, but... ...ridding the home of animals that are *not* like us after we have brought home babies seems perfectly natural to me. Obviously there are myriad relevant factors such as lack of sleep, lack of time, feeling a bit stir-crazy but I think the central reason that SO many moms are expressing a common experience here is a mix of rampant (useful) hormones and evolution. Animals that are not the same as us can feel like threats and I think most readers here know how paranoid mamas can be when it comes to the safety of their babies. Even if it is "just" the worry of tripping over a cat while carrying the baby down the stairs or the fear that the cat litter in the bed might make baby sick, we *feel* the threat in a very real way. Sometimes there is a more obvious threat, like a cat or dog who has actually scratched or nipped/bit one of our babies. I am thankful that I have never felt threatened enough to show my now-elderly (19 and 17-ish) cats the door but believe me you, if either of them became violent (unprovoked) toward my 8mo or peed on him, my instinct AND my heart would tell me to deliver the cat to the nearest no-kill shelter.
That's *exactly* what I would have done! I'm glad I'm not the only one here...
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Aug 26, 2011