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I share your fear, for sure. Granted the love story part is great and all but I get this eerie feeling in my gut that they wont include 'avatars' which would ridiculous, and/or that it may focus on Jake and Neytiri too much. I mean yeah- their relationship is a basic element of the plot but it was downplayed to the point where it wasn't overwhelming the story. An example of overwhelming love story: Anakin/Padme. Sometimes I wish they would have never made I-III, but then I remember Darth Maul wouldn't have existed and that would be sad. D:
I've been curious about this too. I really really wanted to make a fan character that was an avatar driver but I hate messing with canon a bunch and I didn't want her to be super Mary-sue so I've been tip toeing around the subject of who stays and who goes at the end. I think it's safe to assume that some scientists get to stay, since they want to learn about the Na'Vi and Pandora, and the Na'Vi seem more than happy to 'fill their cups' so to speak. There's some info in the Activists Survival Guide that subtly suggested that Eywa allowed the humans to study the eco-system as an effort to help them revive their dieing world. I'm not totally sure whether or not that would be Na'Vi motivation for letting some humans stay as long as their hearts were in the right place, but who knows. The chances of whoever stayed on Pandora getting back to Earth seem pretty slim.
Also, I think that people are forgetting that the movie is called 'Avatar'. Based off of what the word means the title worked for the first movie, however it would not work for the second. If there aren't going to be humans, there aren't going to be avatars- and it was the 'avatar' aspect of the movie that seemed to be the hinge of the plot. A person existing between two realms of consciousness- and the tole that it took on his identity as a human. As much as I love the Na'Vi- I think the human aspect is what draws people to it to begin with, makes the world more accessible and relative to the audience, and makes people want to imagine what it would be like if they had an avatar. It is that 'avatar' dynamic that first drew me to the film and made my imagination run wild.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2010 on AVATAR Sequel and Details Confirmed at Avatar Blog
As much as I'd love to explore Pandora more and learn more about the Na'Vi, I'm a bit scared about there being sequels. Initially when I left the theater after seeing in the first time I thought that the story was resolved, and that a sequel may exhaust it. There was just enough to the movie to make me feel as though it were completed. Sequels work better for movies that have a bit of mystery that needs further explaining- but I don't think Avatar is one of those movies. There are definitely parts of the world that could be explored, and intimate details that could be touched upon- but at that point is it going to entertain general audiences, or just die hard fans? Some things just work better in literature, or even comics. I guess what I'm really worried about is Avatar getting a sort of Disney sequels feeling, Pirates of the Caribbean being a prime example. Sure the sequels were decent, and yes they had their good points- but at the end of it all the story was practically begging to be put out of its misery. I just don't want to see that happen to Avatar. That all said and done: Yes I am excited to be seeing more of Avatar, yes I am terrified that its going to bleed the story dry, and yes I am putting my total faith in Cameron to nurture his creation, rather than cripple it beyond salvation.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2010 on AVATAR Sequel and Details Confirmed at Avatar Blog
True enough, though after reading the Activists Survival Guide- unobtanium might not be something that the RDA is willing to give up on. The ore is supposedly a super conductor that can conduct electricity in almost any temperature. Sounds pretty invaluable to me. I can't imagine the company just dropping it after 1 attempt, especially since the ore is unique to the moon. All I think is- the Na'Vi havent seen the last of the RDA, and after sending the first batch back to earth there's probably going to be some nasty PR about them displaying them as brutal savages. Oh joy.
Well actually I wanted to know if people thought everyone was kicked off or is some where actually allowed to stay.. since hell's gate seemed pretty abandoned- and only like 10 people were friendly to the Na'vi cause. I'm assuming also that those people had families and whatnot that they were looking forward to getting back to one day. So would the RDA even send a ship back for them? I wish Cameron had some kind of epilogue written down! lol
I'm thinking about making a short hobby comic about an Avatar fan character I made. I haven't figured out a time line for it really but I think it would probably take place between the time Grace's school was shut... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2010 at AVATAR
True, as a doll house type thing maybe not but I was thinking more the character family interactions, as far as control it could be a very detailed version of the tribal mode in Spore, with the Sim like aspect where you could favor one character and control them directly if you wanted- and let the others freewill their way about until you dictate their actions. They could be born with random personality sets that dictate their roles and strengths. I dunno it could be a combination of a lot of styles- I'd just like a cultural game that isn't as linear as an FPS or RPG. I'm all about open ended games though so who knows I could just be crazy. LOL They are a lot of work.
I think we should start a petition! LOL A game like that would probably take a lot of work to make it really awesome- but with how long it took to write the movie and create the world it would seem the groundwork is already mostly in place.
The whole thing? lol I'm completely in love with the creativity of this movie- I wish there were more! I think they should really pursue making a Sims-like Avatar game that is clan based instead of a neighborhood or household.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at AVATAR
I think they should really pursue making a Sims-like Avatar game that is clan based instead of neighborhood or household. You could build a clan, overcome challenges and obtain certain tribal goals. I think it'd be a unique opportunity for Cameron to explore his creation in greater detail and give his fans the freedom to play in his world from a more intimate perspective. I would totally play it. LOL Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at Jessica Pearson's blog
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