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Yes, an umlaut always shows you mean business!
Of course I have to weigh in on this one! After your earlier post, I did attempt to scour the Metal map ( for some happier names. I thought for sure I'd find something jolly under the Celtic Folk Metal genre (seriously) or Symphonic Metal, but alas. The closest I can to happy was the early metal band "Budgie", which just sounds cute. Iron Supplement is a wonderful effort! In fact, it has the chops to join a healthy list of Maiden tribute bands that have also played on the name: Ironically Maiden, Made In Iron, High On Maiden, etc. Further reinforcing the marketing genius that IS Iron Maiden...
Love this, Jim! Hmm, will have to think of some "happy" band names for you. In the meantime, take this McSweeny's quiz: Heavy Metal band, or Collective Noun?
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2012 on Periodic Table of Heavy Metal at Jim Nolan's Blog
Wow, I am floored! Thanks for the blog shout-out, Jim. What a great thing to wake up to on this rainy, chilly Buffalo morning! Blogging took a backseat during "tour", but I am launching a new site soon so stay tuned! is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 20, 2012