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Eparh Elad
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The tears of His Scholar. You! Read!!! Rupture a mortal aorta is fatal Fracture an intellective systemic aorte Raptures gnomes of his parturiency In loco parentis BB breaded the lore of intellectualism In the acumen dexterity of his students. Stop!!!!! Ndolo Ekwo Malongo! …the belief that reason is the final principle of reality gospels circumspection. Eparh Elad; decipher! True wisdom is not within easy hail It must be annexed from instructive proselytism That means spiritual rebirth resulting from the zeal of crusading advocacy of the intellectualism. Perfect Eparh. You’ve been wasting your time in sciences. Ewusi Nat in the same words … A drop of Apollo’s tears has been dried out! (Aristotle) Bate Bissong £Greek philosopher) Cameroonian guru and maharishi (pupil of Plato); pupil of Wule Soyinka; (tutor of Alexander the Great); preceptor of Cameroonian educational power tools. It might have been easy for the body to be disencumbered but To adios four generation of BB’s breath is visionary.