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Great post Tadhg. I started an unsuccessful studio a while back and I can't agree more. We use to host gamejams where we can prototype a game and make it functional with a team of five in one sitting (10-15 hours). Some of them we'd even play for more than two minutes to test everything out, but the majority lacked the feel of all the pistons firing at full speed: the art didn't match the music which didn't match the setting and the gameplay was imbalanced. Those were just games with one simple mechanic. I think like Jonathon mentioned, it's a matter of balancing & polish. Flash games just have had a tradition of 1offs because of their distribution. That doesn't mean it's not possible imho. The platform is capable of making serious stuff (like Lolapps' fliso engine) if you market it & distribute it properly.
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Aug 9, 2011