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Crickets chirping, "How similar are these schools? How similar are these schools? Are the rest of them as far fetched? Are the rest of them as far fetched?"
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
You mean the advertisers are supporting Rush for his political views, and not for the return on their advertising dollars? Or that LA news sources spend too much time backing the PD point of view in regards the rogue cops past background? Love the emphasis on Neon sneakers when order to get black or white. At his size, finding shoe that fit and wear well for hiking running may be a challenge.
And also, what a difference a day makes. Balboa High used to be the bottom HS in SFUSD. I was taken aback when looking at its new API, and checked deeper, and the demographics have been completely switched around. I thought perhaps a mistake, so I called the school and confirmed, Asians have replaced most of the Blacks, and here we see a brand new school, same old building:
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
And here is a "similar school" one which stuck out like a sore thumb when I look at it, as during my year as roving techie, I spent some time there, along with an amazing group of federally funded aides, etc, in downtown SF, right next to Chinatown. One wonders how these schools are similar?
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
So 80% of the schools are within 100 points of the magical 800, 10% are up in the stratosphere, and 10% can be as low as 400 pojnts below the magical 800. Looks to me like a system designed to make all but the 10% at the bottom feel like they are doing "pretty good." Next question, how well do these scores correlate with the SAT/ACT scores at the end of high school?
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
And for your state averages and commentary, try this, and I'm done:
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
Mirabile dictu! The posts have returned to Capistrano, or maybe not. I got here via the search engine, so maybe I owe an apology, maybe I don't. Let's see if this stuff sticks?
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
"That the school as a whole comes in at the 2nd decile (10% to 19%) for the state when you might expect it to be in the 9th or 10th based on their parents and lack of English Language Learners is telling." ~Greg~ And if you pay attention, the school does not come in as 2nd decile for state, it comes in 2nd decile for the group of 100 very similar schools, in terms of socioeconomic background, within the state, and that's using all of the grades, not the finished product coming out of eighth grade.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
"For example, why should opinions and ideas held by 1/3 of the population get equal play to those of the other 2/3 under the guise of fairness and equality? Fairness means they should get only 1/3, otherwise it creates the false impression that those ideas are somehow equal in weight, which they are not." ~Koyote~ 10:09 Examples? This seems entirely too vague.
I'm all in favor of sunsetting whatever it is that keeps stock transactions from being taxed, the EPA from checking water quality at fracking sites, and all oil depletion allowances, established to keep oil companies from going broke. I don't think the oil companies are having any problems in that department lately.
I know for a fact that I published a lot of stuff with images that merely illustrated the actual standings of YRCS in the state API race, and I've gone back well into December and can't find a bit of it. There's nothing ad hominem about publishing: or:
I had to learn to recite the 23rd Psalm in order to weAR an official Ragger HANDKERCHIEF AT MY ymca SUMMER CAMP. We had a really cool counselor, who had us hike htree days to reach the Pacific Coast, and get away from some of the silly games and rituals. An insight into brother Steve, who attended the same camp, different session (BTW, I sold soap door to door to pay my way) Steve was at the dining table, and had so precisely poured the milk into his glass, that it appeared to another boy that the pitcher was empty. When the other boy called for another pitcher, Steve informed him that it was not empty. Empty! not empty EMPTY! not empty whereupon the other boy turned the pitcher upside down to prove it was empty. SPLASH!
When Greg loses the argument (Yuba River Charter School) George erases the evidence. Cute!
Sorry Walt, you're not making sense. As near as I can tell, you are arguing that "All killers have screws loose and are Dems." What do you suppose the voter registrations are for the cops that shot up the pickups? More Dems?
So we've pretty much already agreed that he is crazy, Walt. Would it really make any difference if he support Ted Nugent? Perhaps he does, and just wants to discredit the Left, so he writes his support of Obama, and conveniently hijacked you onto his cause. Gun control is certainly not evident in his actions, now is it? I could just as well argue that he is extreme Christian literalist, visiting pain onto the offspring, to spite the adult he really had a beef with. I'm sure there are tons of verses of that sort of stuff floating around the Bible. Don't see you writing about the cops that nearly wasted three folks in "similar" trucks. Thank God mine is painted white. Even though his was gray/blue/black, and now burned beyond recognition, the word probably hasn't reached everybody yet. What do you want to bet he had another vehicle ready to go at the ski area, and could even be in Sacramento by now?
Here's another look at the API. The state's target is 800, and each school is apparently increase their scores by 5% of the difference between their lower score and that magical 800 number.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
So maybe a peek at the page will help some. The SCI for the one hundred schools is supposed to even out all the foreign language speaking, minority, poor, free lunch factors. With that out of the way, the school overall evaluates like this in comparison to the rest of what Nevada County has to offer: The "bottom" is still a very respectable on the state wide measurements, and that includes all grades. We've already discussed the reason for low performance in the lower grades, and higher performances as the kids age./ BTW, this is exactly the opposite of the pattern for most ghetto schools. If you look at just what gets tested in 8th grade only, social sciences, YRCS is doing quite well.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
Greg switches back and forth, depending on the shade of black he wishes to achieve, between API and SCI: "Ranking the schools Schools are ranked in two ways: (1) statewide according to type and (2) compared with 100 schools with similar characteristics. These rankings are calculated from the Base API data and included in the Base API reports only. For the statewide ranking, the API scores are divided into 10 equal groups (deciles) for elementary, middle, and high schools. For each type of school, 10% of the schools are placed in each decile group; the groups are numbered from 1 (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). A school's statewide rank is the decile into which it falls. Schools with 1 to 99 test scores are grouped with the others according to grades served, but small schools' scores are not used to calculate rankings. School districts and ASAM schools also are not ranked. The PSAA also set up a mechanism, a school characteristics index (SCI), for comparing a school with its peers based on the challenges they face because of student demographics and some school and teacher characteristics. The SCI considers the following factors: Socioeconomic indicators (average parent education, percent of students participating in free/reduced-price meals); Percent of students who are English learners (ELs) or have been redesignated as fluent English proficient (RFEP); Percent of students from eight different racial/ethnic groups, including "two or more races"; Percent of students with disabilities; Percent of students in the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program; Teacher credentials (percent of teachers who are fully credentialed, percent with emergency permits); Average class size in specific grade spans; Percent of students first attending the school this year (i.e., school mobility); Whether the school operates a multitrack, year-round educational program; Percent of enrollment in specific grade spans by grade span; and Percent of students in the Migrant Education Program. SCI values primarily reflect student demographics and, to a lesser extent, school and teacher characteristics. The lower a school's SCI value, the more likely the school is to have low test scores because of challenges such as low average parent education level, high poverty rates, and high percentages of English learners. For more statistical information regarding the calculation of the SCI, see The SCI permits comparisons of student achievement among schools with similar characteristics and is used to prepare the Similar Schools Rank. To prepare the Similar Schools list, an SCI value is computed for schools of each type (elementary, middle, and high). Schools of the same type are listed in order of their SCIs. For a given school, 50 schools with an SCI immediately above and 50 immediately below the school are selected as the group for comparison. (If the SCI for a given school is in the top or bottom 50 of the statewide distribution, the group becomes the top or bottom 100.) The 100 schools are then sorted by their API scores, divided into 10 groups (deciles), and marked from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). The school's Similar School Rank is the decile in which it falls (which may be different from its statewide API decile ranking)." Here he mixes the two up, not noticing that the factors he claims to damn YRCS, have already been taken into account in figuring the SCI. " That the school as a whole comes in at the 2nd decile (10% to 19%) for the state when you might expect it to be in the 9th or 10th based on their parents and lack of English Language Learners is telling." ~Greg~ So Greg, eight graders alone, the finished "product" if you will, how does the school rank, statewide, percentage wise, on the API absolute scale? Source for above quote by State Gov:
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
I think a pair of cops, carefully concealed, at opposites of every school in SoCal, would be a good idea until this nutcase is eliminated or locked up. Put inflatable dummies in uniform in the police car and park it on the street, if it is safe to attract fire without collateral damage. In twelve hours (if he's using backroads) we might have to do the same in NorCal.
Would holding scout meetings in public schools be an example of gov funding?
"but decided to leave it in to elicit the usual hot-button analyses offered by amateur psychologists in such cases." George comes out of the closet as "Troll."
Another "Like" for 8:27 am, as Ben again lifts curtains on the topic supposedly being discussed, to get to the heart of the matter. Discussing schools in a vacuum sucks.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations
As near as I can tell, the government, like the Headmaster, does its best to ignore anything I write. By providing both volume and static, I serve my Honest Injun Constitution and fellow country persons well. I do not have enough self puffery to believe that someday they will round up everyone who has posted here for either detainment or elimination. Unless of course we get a Terminator scenario, and the machines become self aware, and acquire in "I Have No Mouth and Yet I Must Scream." ~Harlan Ellison~ then all bets are off. PS The more sock puppets the merrier, but then, maybe those will make the machine with sentience even madder. You can't win.
The above illustrates one of the failings of USA culture, absolutely rotten prep of the males for successful negotiations with the females, with mutually happy outcomes. Halfway willing to bet the poorly communicated skills play a part in the mass shooter's psyche of frustration. Not a bad job of blending several threads, even if I do say so for myself.
Paul, if there is any way to put a negative slant on anything a public school is doing, trust me, Greg will find it, and play it on a big bass drum, that's his special genius. In fact, even St Mary's is now a shadow of its former self, now that Joey's done and Jeff's kid is there. See the pattern? And he still won't identifiy the true name of the Golden Calf Academy of the "Hard" Math and Sciences, but I suspect it once existed in Middle Earth, and is now buried with the Holy Grail. Maybe someday......unearthed beneath a parking lot, somewhere.....
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2013 on Takers vs Makers at Rebane's Ruminations