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2 years ago current big movies would be about 200,000 copies. I would not doubt they have them in range now from 300,000 - 400,000. When running reports on the total dvds coming in for the week it would average from 250,000 to over 600,000 dvds a week. Close to 350 new titles a week.
I do know netflix acquires movies two ways, One they but them out right at a discounted price. The other way is a rev share plan were movies are acquired at a faceless value and in return of how many rentals for that movie they send back a profit based on that. Something also they do, which has been going on for about four years is some major movies from certain vendors are gray instead of the ones you see in the stores. To help deter theft, so the movies don't show up at the flee market for sale(which happens quite often)