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From Chowderhead: "in order to be a beacon again in the world, an example of how people should live their lives. " Mygawd, even in their delusional self-aggrandizement these people plagiarize the Jews...who were the people originally charged with being "a light unto the nations."
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Den, sure, it's embedded in the above Atlas post about sexual abuse--it's the CNN newsstory. I missed it here the 1st time, too!
John, I just watched the John Roberts interview w/Elahi...Am I crazy, or is he getting ready to kick a giant hornets' nest by deposing the Lorenzes??!! All of the e-mails from Rifqa, all of the frantic pleas from her, all of the hearsay allegations against the parents are gonna be spilled into the court record at the initiative of the parents' attorney?! And then Rifqa's attorney, and the GAL, are gonna have the opportunity for THEIR OWN questioning of the Lorenzes, just in case they forgot a gruesome allegation or 3!! Is this guy serious or delirious?! Or maybe they believe their own propaganda about the Lorenzes "kidnapping" her, and that's what he's fishing for...Talk about a dry hole! "PLEEEAAASE, don't throw me in that deposition briarpatch, Br'er Elahi!!"
Here's a depressing link about Brandeis U:
Choi, it is an historical fact that Brandeis graduated a Muslima who went on to work for AlQaeda...So for Yeshiva to graduate a low-life jihadi is not unprecendented. BTW, perhaps the most evil college professor in US history taught at Brandeis, the filthy Herbert Marcuse. And yes, he was Jewish, OF COURSE. [siiiigghhh]
John, the writ of prohibition is in the upper, appeals Court, Florida's 5th District, NOT Federal Court. You are of course quite right, there is no chance of this winning without some COMPETING jurisdiction asking for the case. "It's been almost a month....What's the hold-up, aren't there any attorneys for Muslims in Ohio?" Heheh. When this case came into the Florida court, Rifqa was a juvenile within the state of Florida. A VERIFIED petition for dependency (i.e., supported by a sworn affidavit) was filed in the Florida court alleging that this juvenile required the help of the state of Florida because there was a threat of abuse or neglect from one or both of her parents. That allegation is in front of the Florida judge, and the appeals court will deny the motion for the writ of prohib because that allegation is sufficient to warrant the attention of a Florida DCF court. Period. Sorry, Pam, I just don't see the "big legal guns" here, this is actually a rather amateurish, grandstanding effort so far. It's almost as if they care more about creating a courthouse media show rather than actually winning for the parents, hmmmmmmmm...
Love his new beard (he's the one in the photo listening so worshipfully to jihadi Lutfi).
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on Assclowns On Parade at Atlas Shrugs
O...M...G...NEWSFLASH... People, you will never guess from where this jihadi attorney, Shayan Elahi, got his law degree, not in a million years...From the Florida Bar website: "Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University." You read it here first.
Better nobody say nothin bad about Julie Banderas, yahear?! Humminahumminahummina...
Sorry, folks, but Rifqa may NOT be emancipated under Florida law--it requires [gulp]...THE PERMISSION OF HER PARENTS! Here is the law, Ch 743: My "doomsday plan" wd be, if the Court orders her back: Slap/hit/grab the bailiff in Court--"assault on a law enforcement officer," a 3d degree felony... Rifqa is then A CRIMINAL DEFENDANT, the criminal court wd have the authority to KEEP HER IN FLORIDA while the case drags on...8...10...11 months...till she is 18...then use a "necessity defense," CASE DISMISSED, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and we are dancing in the streets! Heheh.
Pam, take it from an attorney who has spent thousands of hours inside Florida courtrooms: Florida judges do NOT like attorney theatrics. Florida judges REALLY do not like attorney theatrics from out-of-towners. Florida judges REALLY, REALLY do not like attorney theatrics from out-of-towners who clearly do not understand Florida law, or who disses the Judge by telling him routine mediation "will be a waste of time." The learned counsel Shayan STRUCK OUT big time, heheh. Ohhh, and Dependency Judges ALWAYS respect the GAL, it was COMPLETELY IDIOTIC of Shayan to attack Ms Bartholomew. Heheh. It's like watching the Arab armies "fight" in the 6-Day War or Desert Storm...You can take the boy out of Arabia, but you can't take Arabia out of the boy, heheh. Rifqa will win. Mark my words.
THANK YOU, PAM, for this fantastic on-the-fly reporting!! I had a key depo today, else I'd have seen you there! It seems the tide has turned STRONGLY in Rifqa's favor--AWESOME!! The result at the first hearing (8/21) demonstrated--THE COURT IS **NOT AGAINST** RIFQA. The result at the 2d hearing (today) demonstrated--THE COURT IS IN FAVOR OF RIFQA. I AM concerned about the FDLE report, if it downplayed the menace to Rifqa...BUT, their report is only a recommendation, not binding on the judge. FDLE's incompetence (if that was in fact their conclusion) is disappointing, but not surprising. Judges in Dependency Court put GREAT WEIGHT on the wishes of the Guardian Ad Litem. Rifqa's GAL attorney, Ms. Bartholemew, did an outstanding job on 8/21, and it appears she did an even better job today, esp. in zorching the FDLE for releasing sealed info. I'd have loved to see that!! As for Ohio filing a case to provide grounds for Ohio to have jurisdiction...Judge Dawson telegraphed that to them back on 8/21, AND THEY DIDN'T. Why not? BECAUSE THEY'D NEED TO CHARGE HER PARENTS W/ABUSE/NEGLECT, AS FL HAS DONE. Folks, when you have a strong GAL, plus a strong attorney (Stemberger) united and advocating to a judge who is already sympathetic--IT'S OVER. Rifqa will never leave FL unless she chooses to do so, you heard it here first.
No disrespect to the yeoman work done here by KGS, but in my review of the press conference, I believe that the answer by Red Rene' Stutzman to Mr Stemberg's significant question--"Do you have a copy of [the FDLE report]?"--was "No, sir." Not "Yes, sir." Stemberg's report/memorandum is FANTASTIC, and I believe his efforts are a good model for future episodes in this type of anti-jihadi lawfare.
Hahaaaaa, just cracked open my 2d Michelob Honey Lager of the evening before seeing this post, the ironyyyyyyyyy... "A TOAST to Muhammed!"
These bought/paid-for Sentinel stories are beyond embarrassing...Someone needs to investigate the corporate strings as well as any CAIR ties with that filthy, benighted bird-cage lining rag. All of their reporters on this story merit a thorough horsewhipping.
I agree that SP is the best Repub at this point, but I fear we are slipping into hagiography. She has her flaws and shortcomings [like all pols, and all people], and the sooner she addresses them WITHOUT COMPROMISING HER PRINCIPLES, the more formidable a candidate she will be. I love Mitt Romney, but I'm the first to admit he is lacking a certain toughness/killer streak. He also has shown a willingness to compromise w/liberals, so he is a less attractive candidate. Can he improve? Jindal is a great guy, he may be a 2012 dark horse, pardon my racism. And no-one alive has done as much damage to liberals as Newt, and he isn't that old. There is also a good nucleus of Repubs in the House, maybe one will catch fire? As far as blaming SP's husband for not jumping in...I can assure you that, at that level, there is NEVER any decision to act or NOT to act that is not discussed and analyzed first by the candidate and her/his top advisers. If Todd is keeping quiet, it is because they believe it in Sarah's best interests for him to keep quiet. C'est tout.
The only thing that shocks me in this story is that Hassan's attorney isn't named Goldberg or Cohen.
I...smell...PULITZUUUHHHHHHHH!! [Only if there were any justice...Siiiiigh]. FANTASTIC JOB, Pam, you are a 1-woman freedom-train!!
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on Pammyweek! at Atlas Shrugs
If Jews are so smart, how come so many of them are political leftists? How come so many are Jewicidally anti-Israel...even many living in Israel?! Einstein wanted the West to unilaterally disarm...Was that smart? AFAIC, one Victor Davis Hanson is as smart as the 10 smartest Jewish people I can think of...And yes, the great George Gilder makes 2... I know what Dr Gilder means, and I appreciate it, but we need to understand that real SMARTS includes the basic biological sense to avoid being destroyed by another organism. And, sorry to say, but the modern Jewish people are 110% RETARDS when it comes to that neurological requirement. Or should I say "78% retards." :- (
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2009 on Israel today! at Atlas Shrugs
Am I the only person to recall the Soros single-handedly destroyed the value of the British pound back in 1990, by virtue of his currency speculation against the Bank of England...The funny thing is, the man is practically the f@cking archetype of the Marxist/Nazi view of "rootless, ruthless billionaire Jewish international financier-plutocrat..." And the American dhimmicrats love him!! Of course, he now owns them, so they BETTER love him. Yes, he is indeed Prez. Hussein's puppetmaster.
"I imagine you would have directed Jews back to Auschwitz too. After all, that was the law." Ka....BOOOOOOOOMMM!!! Whattan awesome letter.
BTW, in case I didn't make it clear, Rifka's case was/is CLEARLY SUPERIOR on the legal merits, but the [beneficial] political forces that have been unleashed made it impossible for the normally swaggering, moneyed jihadi forces to intimidate the elected judges and other officials and effectively disable our normal legal system.
Fear not, my freedom-fighting friends. I am a long-time resident of Florida, and close observer of Florida's politics, courts, and law enforcement. This case is over, closed, done, resolved IN FAVOR of Rifqa. Trust me on this. The political critical mass has been reached, and surpassed--nothing will be able to change it. The proper instructions and communications have been delivered, at every relevant level, and the "the fix is in." In a good way. Charlie Crist was the weakest link, but he made the correct political calculation. The efforts of Ms. Geller at this great site, and its committed readers, delivered that critical mass. We need now to focus on the evil infrastructure supporting the parents' efforts, in order to prepare the battlefield for the next "Rifqa situation." Because this victory will fan the flames of freedom in many young hearts in our country. We need to start thinking in terms of constructing a legal "underground railroad" to speedily respond to future internal asylum-seekers, and maximize their chances of freedom, and minimize their chances of death.
"OBAMA LIED"?? Isn't that a headline like "DOG BARKED"??