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Hey guys. First post on the blog, looks like I have some catching up to do. First off, love being at WCCF. Coaching, training & hanging out with some of the best people, stoked to get to know you all more. Thought I would start with goals, then get into the gritty details. Regarding the article, I agree with the other posts 100%. I like small goals to work hard at, goals that will piece together as one primary goal. That being said here are some broad goals. By the time the open rolls around I want to be able to place top 60, hit King Kong(cleans), snatch 200#, c&j 255#. I know I will not place competitive at regionals, training with guys like Silvernail, Rassmusen, & Paige shows me a level of athleticism that I cannot match. However getting to regionals would be a great experience. I tend to model guys like Bailey. A thick little beast that can produce tremendous work of any variety, at any time. That is what has been influencing my training lately. I want to attempt to share how I have been training, get some feedback from anyone wanting to brainstorm. Doing a mix of Outlaw, Wendler & Mayhem. Trying to increase my oly lifts as well as overall work capacity. If outlaw calls for snatches in percentages, I'll work on the minute with snatches. Add in accessory lifts for the oly, then a Wendler for either back squat, deadlift or press. Finish off with the Outlaw conditioning, or the WOD posted by Froning at Mayhem. Conditioning I try and stay about 12min or under. I really like minute work, been playing with it a lot. Here is my mon/tue/wed this week: MON Hit a quick WOD with Silvernail - worked in doubles to a max FS then Even minutes 5 FS 185# & Odd minutes 10 Pull-up 20min later Warm up mobility & DU practice Snatch from blocks above knee - 75kg 10x2 EMOM then 80kg 10x5 3x5 a&b Snatch Grip Deadlift 185kg pause at knee & Snatch Grip Push Press 80kg 3x3 Back Squat @ 150kg then 15 60kg Push Press 30 DU 15 T2B 30 DU 1min rest 3Rounds then Even minutes - 12 60kg Push Press Odd minutes- 12 T2B 10min Felt ok, the unplanned first workout tired me out a bit. TUE Squat Clean work up to 235# then EMOM for 5min Felt heavy from FS's yesterday, dropped to 225# EMOM 10min 3x5 Pendley Row 205# & Jumping Good Morning 155# 3x3 Press 155# then 250m Row 10 Squat Clean Thruster 155# 15 Burpee 3min rest 5 Rounds Was pissed from the start, kicked my ass to finish. WED 9 Hang Power Clean 155# & 6 Bench 185# Even/Odd min 20min 5x3 Deadlift 180kg 5 Deadlift 125kg & 10 Pullup Every min 10min 6 HSPU & 12 T2B Even/Odd min 20min Felt run down all day, better after workout. Big post.
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