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I agree with Kelly. This is exactly the kind of thing you never hear from again. May be some kind of government taskforce should investigate what ever happened to all those energy breakthroughs that promised so much but were never heard from again.
@ Davemart: "Toshiba with the SCiB have hit 100wh/kg": not according to the link to the Toshiba PDF you provided. 4AH at 12V for a 1KG pack indicates an energy density of 48wh/kg?
Ah, the National Research Council...isn't that the same organization that reported last december "PHEVs and EVs To Cost Tens of Thousands More Than Gasoline Counterparts for Next 20 to 30 Years"? And here we are a few months later and Nissan has just priced it's Leaf at $32.700 and it turned out that the group that the National Research Council assigned to do the report on plug-in was non other than the Committee on the Assessment of Resource Needs for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies. Climate gate proved it already: even scientific reports have very little meaning in a world in which everybody has an agenda and everybody lies...
Good for BYD. They could really benefit from a partnership with a company who actually knows how to build an EV. So far all BYD has been very successful at is hyping no show EV's to boost their stock value. Hopefully Daimler doesn't count on "BYD’s excellence in battery technology"because lack of proper production methods for automotive batteries is exactly what caused BYD's EV prototypes never to reach the mass production stage according to the Wallstreet Journal:
GM crushed the EV-1 project and sold the the patent of NiMH to Chevron who predictably banned use in BEV's, effectively stalling development of EV's for a decade. GM went on to do SUV gas hogs. Bush dispatched the US army to Iraq to ensure cheap oil for the SUV economy. Iran used the political stalemate in it's region that resulted from America's strategic blunder to become a nuclear power. Next move a nuclear 9/11? If this Purcell had anything to do with the Texaco/Ovonics deal he shouldn't be in the board of Boston Power. he should face charges at the international court in the Hague for economic crimes against humanity.
The BYD case indicates that China isn't exactly the land of the unlimited EV opportunities it sometimes seems to be. BYD is basically a fraud: and so is ZAP:
$800 "bill of materials":is that the same as production cost? Why invest any money at all in battery technology with a cost expectancy that's probably triple what LiFePo can offer today and much too high to ever make any economic sense at all in automotive applications?
Look the BCG is basically a rent-a-prof type of organisation isn't it? You pay them money and they will come up with a "scientific" report that suits your needs. We've seen it all before just recently with the National Research Council battery bashing exercise. It followed the same pattern: exaggeration of present price level of batteries combined with a very conservative estimation of the possibilities for future price drops. Turned out the hydrogen mob was behind this report so now we have to find out who paid for the BCG report to get an idea how credible it really is.
Quote:"Li-ion batteries are already being produced in great numbers for consumer devices and are well along their learning curves"...but there are over a hundred different Lithium based battery chemistries at this point requiring different materials and production processes, are we really supposed to believe that all of them have exploited all of their scope for economics of scale? Are we really supposed to believe that the 16KWH battery needed for the PHEV-40 variant costs $18000? Would Nissan really lease it's 24KWH battery for $150 per month if it costed them $24000 to produce? Are we really supposed to believe that ICE generated electricity is not more polluting than powerplant generated electricity? What about green energy sources? This rapport only proves once again that getting the desired conclusion (oil is good for you) is a matter of rigging the inputs.
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Dec 15, 2009