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Jane Flores
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Sweet baby momma and sweet baby. Remember when I told you it was a love you didn't know you could ever feel? Love you both - and baby daddy, too. Momma
Call Bed Bath and Beyond. They may have the VAc n Steam then you can save some cash and use your gift card. PLUS BBB usually has a 20% off mailing every month. (just saw one of those coupon queen shows - she got $257 worth of groceries for $6.37! - so my brain was working that way. . . )
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I make gingerbread houses for Christmas with my niece - this year was the first we missed in at least 8 years! When her baby sister came along, Erica didn't want to share the weekend at Aunt Jane's, so Sophia and I do haunted gingerbread houses at Halloween! I'm addicted now - I covered heart shaped boxes with the little conversation hearts for Valentines. I've covered pumpkins with candy corn for Halloween and I have a big plans for Easter this year!
You need the McCoy cookie jar that we saw in Virginia - the one with his (the dog's, not McCoy's) butt in the air and you lift the lid by the tail to get a cookie, remember? I can hear you now "Tater Louise! Get your hand out of that dog butt! It's nearly supper time!"
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I KNEW that theatre arts degree would pay off. . . . good for you, Savannah Sue! Your momma is right proud. That's my girl!
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I was incognito. I think you just cognito'd me. . .
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One of the links from the Briscoe Center link is to the Sam Rayburn Library (Speaker of the House of Representatives for years). Your maternal grandfather was with the Chamber of Commerce in Bonham, Texas when this library was dedicated and was at the dedication, as I recall. He has some stories that you might like. . .
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Blog, darn you! Blog! For those of us who depend on you to lighten and brighten our day, please blog soon!
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You are blowin' and goin' so much! Can you give us the list again - marking off your accomplishments? and no, to answer you unspoken question, I don't have a life of my own. . . .
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