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Beth, I join the others here with a thanks for the post. I didn't know about this issue before I saw you on my FB wall. Giving charitably is so connected with the trust the donor has in the nonprofit to achieve its mission with the use of the donation. The 'fans' invested time in this effort, time searching for their npos, voting, promoting and asking others to vote, etc., myself included, even after reading the voting guidelines. Now I question whether my use of resources was really going to toward the mission of the contest to benefit nonprofits, or if I was pwned into adding my data into Chase's big dataset of suckers. So, if Chase was a nonprofit, I would not be making another gift. Chase appears to look at 'free' social media as transactional engagement method, but we all know that 'free' is never 'free.' Chase appears to have launched a pretty shady approach, in terms of ROI at least, on future social media events by way of treating the participants like they might make a difference. 'Cause I won't be back. Jana Byington-Smith,
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Dec 20, 2009